Summer loving heading to Fareham

Classic Grease comes to Fareham.
Classic Grease comes to Fareham.
Sarah Earnshaw as Betty and Joe Pasquale as Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Av 'Em. Picture by Scott Rylander

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Ferneham Hall, Fareham will host Sing-a-long-a-Grease, when the unique, interactive show rolls into town as part of a nationwide UK tour.

Grease’s classic tale of high school love is now 43 years old, but it’s still as popular as ever.

You’d better shape up to sing along to the great movie musical, complete with on-screen lyrics and the chance to become a T-Bird or Pink Lady for the night and enter the world famous fancy dress competition.

Every performance starts with a sing-a-long host who warms up the audience, trains them how to hand-jive, use the contents of their free goodie bags and heckle, as well as judge the fancy dress competition.

Sing-a-long-a-Grease plays at Ferneham Hall, Fareham tonight at 7.30pm.

Tickets: £15, call (013) 2923 1942 or visit for details.