The Circus of Horrors at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

Picture: Chris Schmidt
Picture: Chris Schmidt
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The show that stormed into the finals of Britain’s Got Talent and is now a West End success is back to mark its 21st anniversary with more frights than ever.

The Circus of Horrors returns to Fareham on Sunday at 7pm with a brand new show: Welcome To The Carnevil.

Set in Victorian London in 1899, during the age of the freak show when Jack the Ripper was still at large, a young girl dreams of running away to join the circus.

This dream becomes a nightmare when she finds herself in the corpse-ridden Carnevil.

A story filled with grisly murders and twists is interwoven with some of the most bizarre acts on the circuit today, including sword swallowers, demon dwarves and the Guinness World Record-holding Hairculian Diva who swings from her hair.

The Circus of Horrors is the only circus to ever reach the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, and the first to appear in a West End theatre for 100 years.

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