The Hudsucker Proxy at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

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From tomorrow until May 30, Southampton’s Nuffield Theatre will show The Hudsucker Proxy, a stage adaptation of the Coen Brothers’ film.

After the company’s founder and president Waring Hudsucker commits suicide during a business meeting, Sidney J. Mussburger, a ruthless member of the board of directors, mounts a scheme to buy the controlling interest in the company.

He temporarily depresses the stock price by hiring an incompetent president to replace Hudsucker. The cast is headed up by Joseph Timms as Norville Barnes, the unexpected hero who finds himself at the top of Hudsucker Industries.

This is the first time a Coen Brothers’ film has been adapted for the stage.

Tickets: £10-25, call (023) 8067 1771 or visit