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Miss Saigon

REVIEW: Miss Saigon – a compelling and gripping production

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The musical premiered in August 2013 to rave reviews and from Wednesday to Saturday Col Productions will perform it at Station Theatre on Hayling Island.

The Code of Love tells the true love story of Donald Hill, a RAF pilot scarred by the Second World War, and Pamela Kirrage who tries to mend his broken spirit.

Donald begins a diary written in a secret code when he is sent to the Far East to defend Hong Kong, which he continues after becoming a prisoner of war.

Four years later, Donald returns home to Pamela.Tortured by savage flashbacks, he is confined to hospital.

Pamela attempts to decipher the code in the diary because within the lines of figures is the key to understanding Donald’s mental collapse.

Shortlisted for the Guide Award for Best Amateur Musical, this unforgettable love story is definitely not one to miss.

The Code of Love comes to Station Theatre, Hayling Island from September 3-6 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £10, visit