Unique celebration of youth group’s 10th year

Charlotte Kenna, 15, who is appearing in Groundlings Theatre's The Brothers Most Grimm from October 26-29.
Charlotte Kenna, 15, who is appearing in Groundlings Theatre's The Brothers Most Grimm from October 26-29.
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Halloween isn’t far around the corner, and the Groundlings Theatre drama school is getting ready for the spooky holiday with its performance next week of The Brothers Most Grimm.

Based on different elements of the famous folklore and fairy tales, each evening will include three different productions.

The youngest group of seven-year-olds will perform a pantomime version of Cinderella, the 12 to 13-year-olds will put on Snow White, while the eldest group of 15 to 17-year-olds will perform Little Red Riding Hood.

Ralph Corke, marketing manager at Groundlings, is making his directing debut at the theatre.

He says: ‘Well the drama school has been going for 10 years now, and we wanted to choose different elements of the Brothers Grimm stories because they have moral lessons about not talking or taking things from strangers.

‘The whole idea is that stories are passed down from one generation to another, and in a way this is more truthful than history which is normally adapted or changed for peoples own needs.’

However, Ralph believes his direction wasn’t necessarily needed, because the children had so much input.

He explains: ‘The children pretty much directed it themselves, so they feel like they have an ownership of it.

‘The performances take place in the middle of the Round so the audience is sat around the sides watching. Each group is bringing in something that symbolises their play, whether that be a red balloon for Cinderella, a red apple for Snow White, or a red ribbon for Little Red Riding Hood.

‘We just wanted to make a unique experience in a completely different setting.’

Performances take place on October 27-28 at 7.30pm, and on October 29 at 2.30pm.

Tickets cost £5.50 to £7.50 from the Groundlings Theatre on (023) 9273 7370 or go to groundlings.co.uk.