Video: Watch Bognor man do 41 celebrity impressions in ONE minute!

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A STAND-UP entertainer from Bognor Regis has attempted to break a world record for the most number of impressions in a minute.

Tony Parkins, 50, said he did it as a dare after a challenge from friends.

Tony Parkins

Tony Parkins

“Most of the impressions were spot on but others a little questionable but that was what made it fun,” he said.

Tony said he entertains British hotel guests in Spain every summer but was ‘dubious’ about the challenge.

He said he went for it ‘in the traditions of show business’ and managed 41 impressions in 54 seconds.

The impressions featured everyone from Bill Clinton and Sean Connery to Marge Simpson and David Beckham.

He said it was a ‘world record’, but it could not be referred to as an official Guinness World Record, because Guinness said it was unable to adjudicate if the impressions were performed correctly.