A leafy day out for some autumnal fun

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Recently I have noticed how cold it has been getting and how all the leaves keep falling off the trees. So last weekend me and my feline friend Brindley Milligan decided to have some fun making and then jumping into big piles of leaves.

First we had to had to try to put as many leaves as we could in one pile, which is tricky when you only have paws and it’s windy.

Then I had an idea. Brindley and I could have a contest to see who could make the biggest leaf pile. And you all know how competitive I can be.

So we worked hard and spent ages trying to make as tall a pile as possible. This was even more difficult because i was bitterly cold outside. I almost got frostbite on my paws. Mum was right, I should have worn more layers.

Still we pushed all the leaves together and made the biggest piles I’ve ever seen. But of course mine was the biggest.

Then we sprinted as fast as we could before leaping into the soggy leaves. It was the most autumn fun ever. My tail was wagging as fast as it could and of course we both got very mucky.

Mum told me off when I got home for getting my fur wet and for getting brambles stuck to my ears.

Have you made any leaf piles and jumped into them yet? If you have then let me know how mucky you got. And why not colour this picture and send it to us?

So, I hear you cry, who are the lucky winners of my latest competition? This week there are three fantastic winners.

They are:

• Ollie Brown (5212)

• Maddie Slade (5133 and

• Zack Roberts (1374)

Congratulations to all three of you as you have each won a family ticket to Drusillas Park. Make sure you say hello to the meercats for me as they’re my favourite animals.

If you didn’t win this time, it doesn’t matter for there is another competition to enter just below. Good luck!

Chip Chip for now, your old friend, Chipper.