British tourists on all-inclusive holidays could be charged extra for alcohol in these Spanish resorts

British holidaymakers could be forced to pay for extra for alcohol when staying at all-inclusive hotels in Spanish resorts.Â

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 3:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 3:43 pm
Ibiza is one of the destinations that could introduce rules charging tourists extra for alcohol on all inclusive holidays

The Balearic Government, which covers popular destinations Majorca and Ibiza, are considering the new rules due to concerns over that tourists enjoying unlimited drinks is the cause of anti-social behaviour on the islands. 

Local newspaper Diario de Mallorca says that politicians want to introduce new rules that would mean hotels have to charge extra for drinks, even for holidaymakers on all-inclusive packages.

The paper reports that this would help to stop the sometimes massive consumption that takes place in the hotels and resorts that offer all-inclusive packages.  

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While no official statement announcing the new rules has been released, the director general of tourism for the Balearics Antoni Sansó told Diario de Mallorca that they did not want to '˜prohibit' alcohol just '˜regulate it'. 

In Magaluf, another Spanish destination popular with British tourists, hefty fines have been introduced for drinking in the street, nakedness and fighting.

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The town council wants to discourage so-called '˜alcohol tourism' and is warning visitors they could face potential penalties of between €400 and €500 if caught committing any of those offences. 

The brightly-coloured posters, which carry the hashtag #havefunwithrespect, have been mounted on lamp-posts and other visible spots all over the popular party resort in order to '˜encourage citizenship', the local council said.

Two of the signs read '˜Wear no clothes on the street. Penalty €400' and '˜Drink on the street. Penalty €500'.

In 2017, 785 complaints were filed for drinking on the street while 68 sanctions were doled out for people walking around in a state of nudity.

A British Embassy spokesman has advised Brits travelling to Spain this summer to '˜respect local laws and customs' and '˜make sure you think before you act; have a good time '“ but don't take things so far that you end up in trouble, such as being arrested or assaulted or ending up in hospital.'