Chipper: A big graduation do and four jelly legs

Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Once again my weekend was full of fun and excitement.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 4:22 pm

It all began on Saturday with Rayna the Robin’s graduation from Flying School. Some of you regular Chipper readers might remember I rescued Rayna when she hurt her wing a few months back, and we’ve been the greatest of friends ever since. I wanted to support Rayna on her big day and I was flattered she’d asked me to go along.

I wore my best bow tie and mum wasted no time in giving my fur a good scrub beforehand – I couldn’t turn up as just any old mucky pup. Rayna wore a special gown and a hat and as she flew up to the front of the big, grand hall just outside Dunyelping, she looked ever so elegant. I wish I could fly, because that would have come in handy on MY big day on Sunday.

Last week I told you about my plans to take part in the 10-mile Great South Run in tribute to my best pal Brindley’s pet rabbit, Buddy. I was pretty nervous about the challenge, but as soon as I got to the starting line I got a big buzz of energy.

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I really admire those who complete the run in the name of the people they love and the charities they support. I know I make out I’m a tough dog but the challenge really took it out of me – my legs had turned to jelly after six miles, but I pushed myself to the finish line. Hoorah!

Big thanks to Chipster Amelia Spencer (1454) for the lovely colouring on the right. Keep up the good work. Chip chip for now. Chipper.

Competition winners: This week, three lucky Chipsters have won a family ticket to Beaulieu. They are: Hannah Gamblin (1823), Tyler Blythe (1934) and Johnny Kinchin (359). Well done all three of you.

If you didn’t win that competition it doesn’t matter, every Tuesday in The News there’s a new competition on my Chipper page.

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