CHIPPER CLUB: I’m a hot dog, but I like to stay safe when I have fun in the sun

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere! It looks like summer has well and truly arrived – the weather is beautiful, and I’m going outside to play whenever I can!

When I’m at school I get an hour at lunchtime, and once I’ve eaten my liver sandwiches and strawberries, I’m allowed to run around in the playground.

I have a lot of fun playing games with Paul the Pug, Chad the Rad Rottweiler and, of course, my best friend Brindley Milligan. Our favourite game is Stuck in the Mud – Brindley is the best at it because he’s just so fast!

Last week we were finishing our lunch when the headteacher, Mrs Miggins, walked in and said that every pupil needed to put their suncream on before they went out to play.

I chipped in and said: ‘Won’t our fur protect us from the sun?’

‘Absolutely not,’ said Mrs Miggins. ‘It’s very important that you wear suncream otherwise you’ll get sunburnt and your skin will be very painful.’

We all started putting our suncream on when Brindley Milligan whispered to us: ‘I hate suncream! It makes my fur all matted and sticky, I’m just going to go outside without putting any on.’

Paul the Pug gasped: ‘Brindley, you can’t do that! You heard Mrs Miggins, it’s very dangerous for your skin to go outside without any suncream on.’

Brindley shrugged and said: ‘It’s only an hour, what harm can the sun do in such a small amount of time?’

We went outside to play Stuck in the Mud, and when we went back indoors for history class, Brindley looked like he was in pain. We looked under his fur and noticed that his skin was a little pink – he could’ve been a lot worse, but he had definitely caught the sun.

‘I promise I’ll wear suncream next time!’ said a wincing Brindley.

Remember, if you’re going outside to play, no matter how long you go out for, it’s very important that you wear lots of suncream, and to drink plenty of water. Make sure to keep putting on suncream throughout the day too.

Chip chip for now, your old friend Chipper.