CHIPPER CLUB: Joining in with the morris dancers at the May Day Fayre

Picture: Ian Hargreaves (150830-2) PPP-150405-162943003
Picture: Ian Hargreaves (150830-2) PPP-150405-162943003
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere! I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine this week.

I love spring – the birds are tweeting, baby animals are born and there are bunnies, lambs and chicks everywhere. But my favourite part of spring is definitely the May Day bank holiday.

Every May Day mum and dad take me and my best friend Brindley Milligan to the May Fayre at St Mary’s Church, Fratton.

The May Fayre is a huge celebration of life that the whole community takes part in – even the Lord Mayor.

The churchyard was filled with dozens of stalls selling different things: books and ornaments, food and toys.

When we got to the fete my best friend Brindley Milligan and I ran and jumped straight on to the bouncy castle. We had a great time listening to the live music, going on the funfair rides and we even won a toy in the raffle.

This year, though, it was extra special. While Brindley and me were running around we got caught up in lots of people wearing bells around their legs and wielding big, scary sticks.

The morris dancers were a real sight, with their colourful ribbons and funny hats so we decided to join in the dancing and it was such fun.

But while we were dancing I noticed Brindley looked sad. I took him out of the crowd and said: ‘What’s wrong Brin, don’t you like the dancing?’ Brindley said he didn’t know how to do it and that he felt rather silly.

I asked our friend from the church, Canon Bob White, to show Brindley how to Morris dance and by the end of the fair Brindley was loving it. We were all dancing around the maypole to the old tunes and even mum and dad joined in!

Just remember Chipsters – you shouldn’t feel silly to try new things. Just practice like my best friend Brindley did and you’ll be amazing in no time!

Chip chip for now, your old dancing partner, Chipper.