CHIPPER: Fun day out at the Portsmouth Regatta

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. It was very breezy at the weekend – the perfect condition for sailing, so my best feline friend Brindley Milligan and I went to the Portsmouth Regatta.

When we arrived at the event all I could see were boats, boats and more boats, my tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

The boats were there to race each other in support of a children’s charity.

Brindley and I were eager to get a closer look at some of the vessels on show so we cheekily asked one of the owners if we would be able to sit inside. He agreed so we hopped in and I even got to wear a real sailor’s hat, which I might add, I just about got over my floppy ears.

After playing in the boat it was only right that we watched some of the racing. Brindley and I each picked a boat and cheered it on, telling each other that our own choices were going to come first.

Unfortunately, neither of them did, but we weren’t really bothered in the end because it was great to see everyone taking part in the races for such a great cause.

And how did we finish the day off? I hear you ask... We went back to Dunyelping for a tasty meal at the best restaurant in town. Brindley had what could only be described as a cat’s dream, a seafood platter full of prawns, salmon and mussels.

I had my favourite doggy stew with gravy and crunchy biscuits on top. I woofed it down in seconds.

Did any of you go to the regatta? If you did, let me know how your day was. E-mail me at

Chip Chip for now. Chipper.

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