Chipper: We snatched a draw from jaws of defeat

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. At the weekend me and nine other four-legged friends decided to play a game of five-a-side football.

Now, you know me well enough by now to know that my paw/eye coordination isn’t the best but I was still eager to give it a go. When we arrived at the park we split into two teams. I put myself forward as team captain because you know how competitive I can get.

I was in a team with Brindley Milligan who is actually pretty good at football. We did some stretches to warm ourselves up, as even though the sun was shining it was still a bit nippy.

Within 10 minutes of the kick-off I scored a goal! Can you believe that? Me, Chipper, I scored a real goal. The whole team cheered and picked me up, our tails were wagging so fast.

Sadly though this was where our luck ran out.

The other team kept scoring goal after goal and soon we were falling apart. However, as a dog with a strong fighting spirit I pulled my team together and tried to get us all back in the game. We were running all over the place, trying to defend our goal while trying to pinch the ball off the other team. I was completely covered in mud by the end of the game and mum wasn’t too happy when I got home. She even found dirt in my ears!

The final score was 4-4, but secretly I still think our team were better.

Have any of you played football recently? If you have then make sure you let me know.

Chip Chip for now Chipper.

Competition winners: So, who’s the lucky Chipster off to the circus AND meeting the stars backstage? Big roll of the big top bass drum – and the winner is: Audrey Waters (5135). Audrey wins a family ticket for Zippo’s Circus and that backstage pass. The runners-up, who have each won family tickets, are: Jordon Gibbs (4098), Joshua Watson (4086), Jessica Williams (5122) and Matthew Gamblin (1824).

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