Fright Night at Thorpe Park 2021: How to buy tickets and learn all about the gruesome mazes and adrenaline-rushing rollercoasters

HALLOWEEN is the scariest time of the year and Thorpe Park is indulging in all the horrors on Fright Night.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 9:21 pm

The world-famous theme park is celebrating Halloween through its 20 years of fear show, with a range of spine-tingling activities to choose from.

Fear lurks around every corner, and if you like being scared and don’t want to miss out, here are all the details below.

When does Fright Night at Thorpe Park take place?

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Creek Freak scare experience at Thorpe Park. Picture: Ron Campbell - Ron.Photos.

They take place on selected dates throughout October and November, including October half-term.

These scary events will take place from October 15 to Halloween night.

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What time do Fright Night events start?

The Crows scare experience at Thorpe Park. Picture: Ron Campbell - Ron.Photos

Thorpe Park is open between 10am to 9pm.

The majority of the scare experiences and frightening mazes will open from 3pm until late.

The Thorpe Park app contains all the times for the regular rides and Fright Night attractions.

It’s available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Fright Nights 20th logo. Picture: Thorpe Park

What is Fright Night?

Fright Night is an award-winning Halloween event which preys on the fears of everyone who enters.

Adrenaline-rushing rides in the dark and dazzling light shows are available for guests to explore.

Petrifying interactive scare zones and terrifying mazes also let people face their fears.

What are the different scare zones and experiences?

Thorpe Park has numerous scare zones to test your nerve.

All of these are included in your Fright Night entry ticket.

You can walk through the cursed village of Mawkin Meadow and find out the mystery of the infamous Crows.

Or you can pick your side between werewolves and vampires in the terrifying school rivalry of LycanThorpe vs Amity High: LoveBITES!

Exploring alien infested landscapes and escaping abduction is also on offer at The Swarm: Invasion scare zone.

And finally, if creepy sawmills and deranged lumberjacks are more your thing, you can watch the havoc while walking through the Creek Freaks: Unchained area.

What other rides and shows are there?

Fright Nights also have awe-inspiring light displays, twisting rollercoasters and live action shows.

You can ride some of the most thrilling rollercoasters as part of its rides in the dark.

Whether you want to brace yourself on the UK’s only winged rollercoaster THE SWARM, or face a 100ft drop on the movie themed SAW-The Ride, Thorpe Park has some of the most spine-tingling roller coasters around.

Colossus, a heart-racing 10 loop rollercoaster, is also open, as well as the twisting tracks of the 50 mph Nemesis Inferno.

Birthday Bash is the main live scare show, where you can see the scary twins Hattie and Hugo, but keep in mind, they’re no ordinary twins.

Your night of terror at Thorpe Park will be capped off by the famous Legacy Fire and Light display.

Guests will be taken on a nostalgic journey through past Fright Nights, with ferocious fire-effects and music, aiming to end your night with a bang.

What are the scare mazes?

Guests have three frightening mazes to choose from.

New to 2021, the scare maze Trailers takes you to the SuperSpark cinema.

This picture house has a gruesome reputation, with demonic monsters and killer clowns keeping the scares to an all time high.

Guests can also brave the chainsaw-wielding maniacs of the Creak Freak maze, which Thorpe Park claims is the most extreme scare maze ever opened.

The Buckwheats’ are done playing games and people are advised to prepare themselves for the worst.

Or if you want to find out the horrible truth behind the Sleeper Express, the outdoor Platform 15: End of the Line maze maze for you.

Make sure not to disturb the lost souls as you travel on board Thorpe Park’s one way train.

How much do tickets cost?

You can buy one-day Fright Night tickets online on its website from £39.

You do not need a pass to purchase them.

If you have a Premium Merlin Annual Pass (Legacy) and Platinum Merlin Annual Pass, entry to Fright Nights are free.

For Gold Merlin Annual Pass and Thorpe Annual Pass holders, free entry is available on all dates except October 30 and Halloween night.

If your pass excludes entry to Fright Night, tickets are discounted to £15.

Passes and tickets need to be presented at the turnstiles.

What is included in my ticket?

Each day ticket gets you 11 hours at the theme park and access to all the spine-tingling rides, live-action experiences, terrifying scare zones and the amazing light shows.

These tickets do not include access to Thorpe Park’s terrifying mazes, which need to be bought separately.

Mazes are priced from £10 each.

If you’re brave enough, you can buy a bundle for all three maze tickets for £27.

This is further reduced to £24 if you’re a hotel guest or a Thorpe Park pass holder.

How do you book tickets?

All tickets for Fright Nights have to be booked in advance, even if you’re a pass holder.

Tickets can be booked online on the Thorpe Park website here.

Car parking also has to be booked separately.

Where can you stay for more than one day?

Extended breaks are available if you want face your fears for even longer.

You can book an over night stay in the Thorpe Park hotel – with free parking, wifi and breakfast included – from £49 per person.

There is also a list of Thorpe Park partner hotels which are nearby.

More information on over night stays can be found here.

Are Fright Nights suitable for families and children?

All Fright Night experiences and attractions are recommended for people aged 13 or over.

They will be in designated areas of the park but actors may move around outside of them.

Do the events have wheelchair access?

All Fright Night events are wheelchair accessible apart from the Platform 15: End of the Line maze.

A full accessibility guide is available here.

Are there any Covid-19 guidelines?

Face masks are recommended to be worn for the in door events but are not mandatory.

The event follows government guidelines and will be adjusted if they change.

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