Holidaymakers '˜jetting off to the same place' every year, say researchers

THE majority of people in the south east go to the same place on holiday every year, according to statistics.

We have the whole world in our hands... but still go to the exact same place?
We have the whole world in our hands... but still go to the exact same place?

Research conducted by Travel Republic reveals that a staggering 96 per cent of people are repeat holidaymakers, with 28 per cent of people doing absolutely nothing new while on holiday.

Not only do we repeat holidays, we even repeat our experiences once we get there – four in 10 people stay in the same hotel, with more than half the people surveyed from the region going to the exact same restaurants.

Popular destinations for people in the region are in mainland Europe, with France and Spain being the most popular hotspots.

But apparently we like it this way, with 63 per cent of people repeating holidays out of familiarity.

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    Independent travel expert Frank Brehany said: ‘We are all essentially creatures of habit, but travel should be all about breaking out of the mould of our daily lives and receiving physical and mental nourishment.

    ‘We should stretch out by taking day trips to other parts of our favourite countries and experiencing a different angle to life there – it will feed your curiosity to try something new.

    ‘Sometimes just changing a destination for one year can refresh our whole outlook on travel and what we want to experience.

    ‘Why not be really adventurous and just stick a pin in the map?’