Murder Trial Live at Village Hotel, Portsmouth, REVIEW: 'Murder Trial Live ensured it was real from beginning to end'

‘All rise...’

Monday, 9th March 2020, 11:20 am
The Murder Trial Live - Brewer Brothers.

And with that, members of the jury took to their feet before the judge, as they prepared to listen to the gruelling case of the Brewer Brothers in Murder Trial Live.

After securing help from Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones in 2018, Murder Trial Live enjoyed a sell-out 2019 tour and are now back on the road for another social experiment dining event with a new case. Murder Trial Live transformed The Village Hotel, Portsmouth, into a court room while more than 100 people acted as the jury.

For those who have always been interested in juries, court rooms, and our justice system, Murder Trial Live ensured it was real from beginning to end – no phones, no talking and a real decision has to be made. But I doubt there is a two-course dinner at the start...

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Each table acted as a jury and everyone in the room was introduced to the case of the Brewer Brothers, where two boys went missing on Boxing Day 1993 and the case has not been solved for 27 years.

The audience also meets Paul Sutton, the man being charged with murder in their case.

Split into two acts for the Defence and Prosecution, members listened to detailed accounts by several witnesses and scoured evidence as we were told of the fateful events that occurred on Boxing Day 1993.

The audience were completely immersed in both acts, with shocking twists and turns as we learn about Paul Sutton’s life and how he came about taking the stand.

But there is no certain answer whether he’s guilty or not – that’s for the audience to decide and every jury can be different. No spoilers here...

Murder Trial Live is a great way to take part in jury service without having the overwhelming pressure of making a decision that can ruin someone’s life. But if you want a taste of the justice system, book your ticket to court now.

Tickets are from £55. For more information, go to