REVIEW: Kids will have a magical time at Keydell Nurseries' Enchanted Walk in Horndean

Looking for something to do with the kids in the summer holidays? Business editor KIMBERLEY BARBER took a trip to Keydell Nurseries in Horndean to check out its Enchanted Walk. Here’s what she thought…

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Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 10:49 am

Magic doesn’t only happen at Christmas. And that’s exactly what Keydell Nurseries in Horndean is on a mission to prove.

The garden centre is well-known locally for its wonderfully extravagant festive displays and Santa’s grotto. But we are in summer, a far cry from December.

That still doesn’t stop children yearning for magic – and parents looking for something reasonably-priced to keep their little darlings occupied.

Harper Curtis at the Enchanted Walk at Keydell Nurseries

We’re in luck this year though as Keydells has created an Enchanted Walk – complete with fairies, elves, teddies, dragons, unicorns, swans and much more – all for just £2 entry for children and £1 adults.

It's a great way to use the space that’s normally set aside for its Christmas display. Clearly there has been a lot of thought, time and effort put into creating this display.

I took a trip there one Saturday morning with my one-year-old son Eddie and my friend, who brought along his four-year-old daughter. Here’s what happened.

As soon as we step into the walk, we are greeted with twinkling lights, which provoke wondrous sighs from the kids.

The Enchanted Walk at Keydell Nurseries

Great pride is taken showing Eddie Narnia – pointing out all the characters.

They marvel at the illuminated horse-drawn carriage, gasp at the fairy garden and then gaze adoringly at the teddy bears’ picnic.

There are moving characters which catch the eye and a small child-size door that is walked through at least 50 times.

Luckily for the adults, there are benches. We are in there for some time while every section is explored in great detail.

Abbie Curtis and her daughter Harper at the Enchanted Walk at Keydell Nurseries

On the way out, there’s a unicorn to pose for a picture with – and also a pirate ship.

The small change from our wallets is stripped and thrown into various fountains, to much delight.

The Enchanted Walk is such a hit, we are immediately made to do it again.

After another tour, we head for lunch at the centre in its child-friendly cafe The Potting Shed, and stop off to feed the ducks.

Afterwards, and after much pleading, we are back in the Enchanted Walk for the third and final visit. We’ve certainly got our money’s worth.

It’s a wonderful and cheap way to spend a morning with the kids. Well worth a visit.