YOUR SAY: Should there be a new ferry service between Portsmouth and Southampton?

Yesterday we asked readers what they thought about the possibility of new ferry service being introduced between Portsmouth and Southampton - and here's what you had to say.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th December 2016, 2:25 pm
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 9:41 am

Wightlink is revamping its ferry terminal, and could use the extra capacity to start an inter-city route - which would help ease the busy M27.

Here are some of the comments people have posted on our Facebook page on the subject:


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SUE POUSTIE: Depends how long a trek to work you’d have when you got to the other end. Great if you work in the docks, or Gunwharf if you’re going the other way.

STEVE HUGHES: Depends on how much a ticket will cost, if they can do it in 45 minutes it’s only two minutes longer than my train from Fratton so I’d certainly consider it.

PETE ASH: I thought they should have done this years ago with a pick-up and drop-off point at Stokes Bay using the old pier that we had then.

MICK MOLLOY: The management need to run a decent round-the-clock service for all between the island and Portsmouth before thinking about running another route.

NORMAN GAYLOR: Could help to avoid traffic queues. Would have to be quick and cost effective, though.

VERONICA WILLIAMS: Something I thought would have happened years ago but they’re still discussing it.

PHIL GALE: As a day trip it would be brilliant and add trade to both cities. But not sure how convenient it is for commuters. Most will also need to then travel at either end, waiting for a public transport connection or paying to take the car each time.

DAVID WILKES: As usual all talk and it will come to nothing.

STEW TAYLOR: A fast cat-style boat would make the journey pretty quick. It could work if the price is right with ticket versus fuel costs.

ASTON PROUDLEY: Would be quicker than driving, that’s for sure. But would it be cheaper, that I doubt.

KRISTYON CRESSWELL-THOMAS: Stupid idea. Too expensive. Too long. Won’t happen. Not economically viable.

FIONA HOLLANDS: Great idea – anything to avoid the M27.

FILIPE MARTINS: If the price of a ticket to the Isle of Wight is anything to go by, then that’s unlikely to be a good alternative for drivers.