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New Year’s Eve is the best party of the year and it’s all about sparkles, sequins, furs and diamonds. It’s the coldest weather and the smallest dresses and the highest heels.

December 31 has traditionally been the BIG party and nothing is more exciting and sexy than seeing off-the-shoulder and above-the-knee dresses.

Think New York studio 54, Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones and Jerry Hall – it’s all about finding that party glamour.

The rest of the year we all bow to Coco Chanel’s advice that you should always remove at least one thing before you leave the house, but not on these occasions . You need to go for it and pile it on.

Now is the time to go way over the top on everything and have some serious fun. If you wear a necklace try two or even three, and if you wear a bangle you could even try four.

If you’re going to the pub for your celebrations, try a sequinned top with skinny jeans, stilettos and add a sparkly long chain purse to sling across your body. That way you can look after your keys, money and lipstick without worrying about where your bag is all night.

If you are going to a house party, then go for a gorgeous dress with shoulder straps or no straps.

Or you could try a furry shrug for coverage and glamour. Add lots of sparkle and you could even try some wonderful skin spray. The one from Benefit adds a particularly wonderful sexy shimmer.

If you’re thinking ‘Oh my God I am not wearing that!’ then try a floor-length maxi dress with high heels. With this look you can also add a shrug and some sparkles.

Try adding a fabric flower clip to one side of your hair to accessorise. H&M has a raft of colours and styles that can suit everyone.

The best bit about the New Year’s Eve party outfit is the sales after Christmas.

Grab a bargain and if you feel that you can never wear this outfit again then it really does not matter, it’s only one night of the year.

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