From traffic jams to Ed Sheeran - the most boring things in life

Changing duvet covers, people who Instagram their meals and Ed Sheeran have been voted among the nation's top 50 most boring things.

And the average Brit is bored for over three hours a day - adding up to more than NINE years of their life, a study has found.

Work is one of the most common sources of boredom, with 22 per cent of respondents bored for up to two hours - or 25 per cent - of their working day.

The survey of 2,000 adults in the UK was commissioned by online gaming company, whose spokesman said: “Boredom can be a real problem for many people, even if they’re happy with their lives in general.

“Boredom can sap productivity, and make people feel like there’s nothing good going on in their lives.

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    “We were surprised to find that people are more likely to feel bored at home than they are at work, and perhaps this shows a lack of imagination on the nation’s part, that they can’t entertainingly fill their free hours.”

    Being stuck in traffic emerged as the most boring thing about modern life, aggravating over half of the nation.

    A slow internet connection, listening to drab football pundits’ analysis and cleaning the house also appeared in the list of the most boring things in life.

    As did PowerPoint presentations, the Kardashians and unnecessary work meetings.


    1. Being stuck in traffic

    2. Standing in line

    3. Being on hold

    4. Junk mail

    5. Slow internet connections

    6. Listening to politicians

    7. Watching TV adverts

    8. The routine of everyday life

    9. Sitting in a waiting room

    10. Queuing in the post office

    11. Having no money

    12. Tidying up the house

    13. Waiting in for a delivery

    14. The Kardashians

    15. People who Instagram their food

    16. Football pundits’ analysis

    17. Unnecessary meetings

    18. Cleaning the bathroom

    19. Reality TV shows

    20. Doing the washing-up

    21. Selfies

    22. Television shopping channels

    23. Emptying the bins

    24. Paying bills

    25. Delayed trains

    26. The daily commute

    27. Formula 1

    28. New mums on Facebook who constantly upload pictures of their baby

    29. Social media challenges

    30. Small talk

    31. Changing a duvet cover

    32. Waiting for a train

    33. Phone calls that could be quick emails

    34. Looking for a parking space

    35. Company-wide emails

    36. Filling tax returns

    37. Horse racing

    38. PowerPoint presentations

    39. Places without Wi-Fi

    40. Trailing around behind your partner in a clothes shop

    41. Dieting

    42. Waiting for your phone to recharge

    43. Waiting for the oven to heat up

    44. Rice cakes

    45. Ed Sheeran

    46. Gardener’s World

    47. People telling you about their dream

    48. Working overtime for no extra pay

    49. Replacing the toilet roll on the holder

    50. Bargain Hunt