First JoJo goes, now Lucy, but who’ll be next?

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When Stockton lass JoJo finally got a date a couple of weeks ago, the texts started flooding in to my mobile.

My friends and I were overjoyed for the down-to-earth brunette with a lack of confidence and a predilection for the word ‘mint’.

If you’re not a Saturday night ITV1 viewer, you might think I’m talking about one of my acquaintances.

But if you’re a fan of Take Me Out, you’ll understand the sense of triumph as one of the show’s longest-standing and most entertaining contestants finally left for a romantic date on the Isle of Fernandos.

The modern-day Blind Date, Take Me Out features a line-up of 30 girls every week who each have a podium with a light on it.

One by one, a single man reveals themselves and tries to impress the ‘flirty 30’, with the girls turning off their lights when they lose interest in the fella.

In the final round, the bachelor gets to chose his date, turning off the lights of any other interested girls himself.

Occasionally, a wannabe suitor goes home dateless (consoled by a hug from host Paddy McGuinness) if all the lights are turned off.

Or, like last week – with burlesque Kate and the Wizard, the single man can be left with no choice and just one beacon left shining.

If you haven’t seen Take Me Out (what rock have you been hiding under), it probably sounds like a cringe-worthy premise.

I myself thought it was terrible at first. But it becomes addictive viewing.

Proof, if you needed it, is the ‘We Love JoJo from Take Me Out’ Facebook page.

And, if JoJo finally getting a date didn’t knock your socks off then Welsh wonder Lucy being one of the next to go may have done.

‘Leave your light on’ Lucy hit it off with Essex sports centre manager Dave, who showed off his skills in chin balancing.

I was amazed as the girls’ lights went out when Dave flipped up a full-sized sports bench and balanced it (by the narrow end) on his chin. But good old Lucy appreciated his ability (and his ‘chunky legs’).

Admittedly some girls in the show are less entertaining and more fame-hungry, such as ‘I used to be engaged to Darren Day’ Adele, who took every opportunity to crowbar in a reference to her famous ex and left the show with Michael from Northern Ireland last week.

For those who are still wondering, JoJo’s date with Bristolian Dean went well. It got off to a disappointing start with him describing her as more of a mate than a love interest after their go-kart adventure. But, by the end she’d won him over, just as she’d won the hearts of viewers at home.

Tune in tonight at 9.05pm to find out how Lucy’s date went and whether the likes of picky Peggy or sardonic Samantha will get chosen.