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It was always going to be a difficult week for some of the contestants. They couldn’t hide behind big power ballads on ‘Dancefloor Classics’ week.

It was announced that two acts would be leaving the competition and we think nerves got the better of Janet as it wasn’t her strongest performance.

She is such a unique performer and her voice is so distinctive that it won’t suit every song, especially a Jackson 5 classic. We hope that she gets the chance to continue doing what she does best next week or she could be in trouble.

Controversial as it may be, we have never really enjoyed Misha B’s performances in previous weeks. There is no doubt she is an amazing singer but there was something that didn’t quite click with us until this week (maybe it was her styling or the way she is perceived in the VT’s before her performances!).

But we loved that she looked like she was having a fantastic time on stage and it was the first time that we had ever seen her let her guard down and smile a little.

No one will ever perform Rolling On The River as well as Tina Turner, but she was a close second and it felt like she needed to be in the bottom two the previous week to make her up her game.

Gary was on top of the world to see that all of his acts were saved by the public, but it was short-lived as wild child Frankie left the show midweek because he broke a ‘Golden Rule’.

When you first enter The X Factor house, you get given a list of rules which you must abide by. We had some simple rules like ‘you must be in by 10pm’ or ‘don’t leave the Hampstead area’, but there were some more serious rules surrounding drugs, violence and relationships.

We are unsure of what he has done, but having seen some of the vile comments he had to endure on the Internet, it is no surprise that the 18-year-old would go off the rails. We wish him luck for the future and hope that The X Factor hasn’t scarred him.

We were blown away by Marcus this week. He keeps on getting better and better and he is now a strong contender for the winner’s title. We felt that we had stepped back in time and that we were watching a top rock and roll artist when he was singing his rendition of Reet Petite and it was so refreshing to see something different on the show.

We hope Gary continues to give him all-singing, all-dancing performances as they are his niche and no one in the competition can do them quite like him.

Tulisa was in a state of shock when The Risk got the lowest votes, as were the majority of the public. They were firm favourites. But, if people don’t pick up the phone to vote, that’s what happens.

On the other hand, Britain needs a new girlband and Little Mix are filling the void perfectly. They are easily the best girlband the show has seen.

Finally, Johnny was extremely gracious in his defeat by Kitty in the sing-off. His leaving speech brought a tear to our eyes. We think that he will be someone that will continue to work in the industry for years to come.

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