Jamo stars on Countdown

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Former Pompey keeper David James proved a safe pair of hands in Dictionary Corner on Channel 4’s popular Countdown show.

He took the hotseat next to words expert Susie Dent yesterday.

Presenter Nick Hewer hailed the former England international’s time as a goalkeeper as “extraordinary over the 26 years, playing top level football”.

And James told the studio audience that he was particularly fond of his time at Pompey. ‘One of the favorite clubs, I have to say - Portsmouth Football Club’ he said.

He recounted the famous forfeit he paid, having to squeeze his 6ft 5in frame into an old Robin Reliant after coming last in a training ground prediction by players of Champions League results.

He described the car as ‘very untrustworthy and precarious to drive’ and explained the way he altered it when he took his forfeit.

‘The first thing I did was put on a big spoiler and a siren which had different noises and gradually as the season went on the lads modified this thing into a van with a trailer’ he said.