What’s coming up in the soaps this week

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Here’s our guide to soap storylines this week.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

EastEnders (BBC1)

It may not be the cheeriest place to live, but in times of crisis - for example, if someone needs a double decker bus lifted off them - the people of Walford can usually be relied on to band together.

So, no wonder the residents are shocked this week to discover that Denise has been badmouthing the community in the local paper - and the Minute Mart area manager would also like a word with her about her comments.

However, as Denise prepares to sign the adoption papers, Kim begins to suspect that at least one of the neighbours has met with her sister’s approval as she realises that the baby’s father must be a local...

Elsewhere, the Vic’s pancake race starts out as a bit of fun but ends up as a matter of life and death when Ian passes out just before the finishing line.

Realising that it’s going to take more than yet another themed event to sort out the pub’s finances, Mick makes an appointment with the bank, although Shirley can’t help wondering why he’s taking Whitney along as his right-hand woman, and Keegan plots his revenge on Bex.

The Ex Factor

Emmerdale (ITV)

Priya and Rakesh go public with their rekindled relationship in the Woolpack, but not everyone is happy to see them making a fresh start - Jimmy, Nicola, Jai, David and Rishi are all more likely to choke on their drinks than to raise a toast to the couple.

But who is so angry that they would resort to kidnapping Rakesh?

Laurel is distraught when she visits the care home only to find that Ashley doesn’t recognise her and is more interested in his new pal Maggie. So, it’s understandable that she’s briefly tempted to turn to a special friend of her own for support - but will Sandy and Carly see it that way when Laurel is caught moving in for a kiss with Marlon?

Elsewhere, Aaron is struggling in prison, and instead of lifting his spirts, Robert and Chas’s visits could potentially make matters even worse.

Chrissie thinks Ronnie is up to something and when a digger goes missing, she shares her suspicions with the police, while Charity plans to use Frank to get back at Megan.

Ode to the Nightingales

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Tabby (Linda Gray) returns, but sadly she’s not just back to bring a touch of Hollywood to Hollyoaks - instead, she’s here to support her family as they prepare for a funeral.

Her presence does offer some comfort to Alfie as she reassures him that he’s not mad for talking to Jade, but it looks like it’s going to take more than a few kind words to stop Marnie going into self-destruct mode.

Neeta is also affected by the Nightingales’ tragedy - which may explain why, when Grace asks her to snatch baby Curtis, the distracted teaching assistant accidentally runs off with little Daniel instead.

Elsewhere, Frankie wants to tell the world about her relationship with Diego, but settles for confiding in Esther, whose memory problems mean she’ll probably forget the revelation. But Esther does remember that Diego has a dodgy track record and sets out to investigate his business plan...

Peri and Leela continue to be haunted by Cameron, Adam asks Jesse to help him track down Grace, and Nancy starts a new treatment - but the first appointment clashes with Charlie’s school play.

Parental Problems

Coronation Street (ITV)

At long last, Sally’s bubble is about to be burst. She’s horrified by the sight of her darling daughters cleaning the kebab shop windows and wastes no time telling Kevin and Anna her feelings about it - and it’s then that Anna fills her in with tales of Rosie’s recent drug smuggling escapade.

After confronting Rosie, Sally realises she’s been far too demanding of her and vows to make amends. Unfortunately, her efforts involve protesting against sexist remarks made by the local builders towards her offspring - which is bound to make them more embarrassed and frustrated than ever. However, Rita throws herself into the campaign wholeheartedly, even chaining herself to some railings in a bid to force her point home.

Elsewhere, Sinead discovers she is pregnant - but is it Daniel or Chesney who are expecting the patter of tiny feet?

Adam uses Tracy’s business to make a dodgy contact, Gail accuses Shona of theft and Sarah invites Nathan round for tea.

Confusion Reigns

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Dee is concerned that she has pushed Toadie away, so she manipulates Susan to get the legal eagle back into her life.

Later, Toadie seeks Karl’s advice about his growing feelings for Dee, and is unsettled by Sonya and Mark’s close bond. However, his wife is worried that Mark might be dating Elly, fearing she would be a bad parental figure for the baby.

In light of recent events, Steph is finding it hard to sleep, let alone maintain her relationship with Victoria.

Elsewhere, Piper is worried about going to school and facing the anger of Bec’s friends after her suspension. She is also cash-strapped, so reckons Xanthe’s plan is the way to ease her money problems.

While trying to process Bishop Green’s harsh words, Paige decides to keep the truth from Jack. Meanwhile, Terese tries to find out why Jasmine Udagwa has a vendetta against Leo, and Amy overhears Jasmine tell Terese that the contents of the briefcase could lead to Leo becoming the owner of Lassiter’s. Amy is also stunned when Leo shares a theory about who his dad might be.

Secrets and Lies

Home and Away (Channel 5)

As Ash continues to demand answers from Phoebe, Billie’s web of deceit starts to unravel.

Following Ranae’s trial, Justin hopes his ordeal is over. There is jubilation in the Morgan household after the guilty verdict is announced, and Justin is still deeply troubled, unwilling to confess his feelings for Phoebe and incapable of reconnecting with his daughter. Before long, the Morgans’ secret is splashed over the front of the Coastal News.

Nate is unhappy that Tori felt unable to trust him, and matters deteriorate when he realises the scale of her deception.

When Bianca and Heath tell Irene about their plan to stay in Summer Bay, he gives Bianca reason to doubt his commitment.

When Phoebe finds Salt has been trashed, Brody is reluctant to go to the police, while Evelyn and Matt discover a fire at the garage, and she is terrified when he tries to tackle the blaze. Elsewhere, Mason and Hunter clash over Olivia.