What will happen in the soaps this week

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Here’s our look at soap opera storylines coming up this week.

Flat Broke

EastEnders (BBC One)

Mick receives some disappointing news about The Vic ceiling, so Konrad offers to fix it for half the price. Though Jack offers Mick a lifeline, Max gives him second thoughts.

Meanwhile, Denise has an emotional time when the social worker arrives to discuss the adoption and update her on the baby’s progress. When Denise opens up to Kim about her feelings, she winds up having an argument with Keegan for being disrespectful. After dealing with the consequences of her actions, Denise gets worked up by the state of the community and though Patrick advises her to leave it, she calls the Walford Gazette.

Elsewhere, Ian is told to visit his GP, and although he tells his family he’s fine, he eventually opens up to Jane about what the nurse said, so they agree to start being healthier. And Ben and Jay are gobsmacked by the state of number 18 when they move in.

Aisle Altar You

Emmerdale (ITV)

Robert’s plan to marry an unsuspecting Aaron proves harder than expected as he needs to get him to the Woolpack. Aaron is stunned when he finds out the plan, and the couple prepare to marry, but, the police storm into the pub mid-ceremony. Eventually Aaron discovers he has to serve a 12-month sentence in prison.

Meanwhile, David dresses up in a cape to surprise Tracy with a night of passion, but things don’t go according to plan, and Zak and Lisa reluctantly let Kerry to come with them to social services to try and get Kyle back. Later, the Dingles convince Debbie that travelling abroad with Sarah would be too risky given her criminal record.

Debbie has second thoughts about allowing Sarah to go to Prague without her, and asks Ross to get a fake passport. However, Faith sees through her lies, and takes her boarding passes.

Laurel confides in Will on the anniversary of baby Daniel’s death, and she thinks the Valentine’s Day roses came from him. However, her heart breaks when she goes to visit Ashley at the care home and he forgets who she is.

Pregnant Pause

Coronation Street (ITV)

Toyah has a go at Leanne for her jibe about her not being a mum, but then her sister goes into labour in the Victoria Court lift. Eventually, baby Oliver is born, but the new mum has some bad news for Nick: she doesn’t want his name on the birth certificate.

One man who might, as long as nobody ever finds out, is Steve, the real dad. His blood runs cold when Michelle wants to go and see the new arrival, and the fact she wants to try for another after their recent loss leaves him emotionally torn.

Meanwhile, Sarah bans Bethany from seeing Nathan after realising she spent the night at his flat, and while Brian attempts to build bridges with Roy, it seems Packham has taken a shine to Cathy.

Elsewhere, Aidan returns from Spain and is far from happy to find Jenny ensconced in the Underworld office. The fact she decides to blackmail businessman Richard Drake with an incriminating photo only adds to his woes.

And Maria reluctantly agrees to let Liam stay with Eva and Aidan while she’s in prison.

Dee-lighted by Toadie

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Dee is becoming increasingly invested in her relationship with Toadie, and he disappoints Sonya by placing an appointment with Dee ahead of a mayoral function with her.

Elsewhere, David feels trapped by his choices, and when Paige releases him from his commitment, he goes to see Aaron, ready to take the next step. Eventually Paige and David come clean to Brad and Lauren. Piper gets a hold of a fake ID so she can see Tyler, but when Elly busts her, she panics over the financial and personal ramifications.

Steph invites Victoria to stay at the motel, and they promise to keep their distance from each other, while Dee strikes out to get some alone time with Nell.

At another Ramsay Street barbecue, Gary waxes lyrical about his sausage grilling process, while Paul and Karl try to undermine him. And while Leo searches homeless encampments for Bradley Satchwell, determined to help David in his quest to find their father. Steph has a run-in with Ellen.

Justin Time for Drama

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Decker is the talk of Summer Bay when he is rushed into hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. Before passing out, he mumbles to Mason about a USB stick that dropped out of his pocket.

Olivia has become more attached to Mason, so when she hears a friend of the family has been injured, she wastes little time trying to help. Later, a furious Hunter spots a message from Mason on her phone, but only succeeds in pushing them closer together.

While Kat and Justin try to discover if Ranae is part of the syndicate, Brody believes the family should flee following Decker’s death. Though Ranae pursues Justin and a wounded Kat to the caravan park, they manage to lose her.

Elsewhere, Zac and Bianca get drunk and she reflects on their fling, leading to a charged moment, and Ash nearly discovers the identity of Billie’s rapist.

Hit the Deck

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

After problems arise between Harry and Ste, the latter turns to John Paul. When they reconnect it could spell disaster for Harry’s relationship.

Joel sets up a fundraiser, but is gobsmacked when he crosses paths with Shane. When Sienna sees Joel handing over a bag of cash to him, it arouses her suspicions, and Joel is shocked when he sees Sienna being abducted.

While Shane plans a surprise holiday for himself, Goldie and the boys, it remains to be seen whether he will pull through or let them down again. Eventually Warren calls Prince wanting to know where Shane is.

After Zack comes to Leela’s rescue and asks her on a date, her angry outburst leaves Tegan and Courtney confused. Meanwhile, Mac is worried that Marnie could discover his fling, and Neeta plans a night out to cheer up Sally. Could speed dating be the secret to finding the next partner?