WATCH: Britain's Got Talent star Jamie Raven shows off magic skills ahead of Fareham show

AT 10 years old, Jamie Raven was wowed by a table magician in India who taught him three tricks '“ fast forward 23 years and he clinched second place on Britain's Got Talent and is about to embark on his fourth tour.

Jamie Raven is performing in Fareham
Jamie Raven is performing in Fareham

The 33-year-old from Hammersmith has spent years honing his craft and is bringing his latest tour, Making Magic, to Fareham.

Jamie said: '˜It is a passion and I absolutely love it. I think as a child you develop these passions and they always stay with you even if as a hobby.

'˜But I am lucky that I get to do my passion everyday.'

Jamie Raven is performing in Fareham

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    Jamie had spent 11 years performing at parties and events before accepting an invitation to audition for Britain's Got Talent in 2015 where he made it to the final before narrowly missing out on the top spot to human and dog duo, Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse.

    He said: '˜Being beaten by a dog has given me material for the rest of my life so although I could have spent the prize money on double glazing, BGT is an amazing platform.

    '˜As a magician the next step after parties is to play to theatres but you need to sell tickets and to do that people need to know your name and BGT is the way to do that for many people.'

    Jamie described his experience performing in front of Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams as '˜terrifying'.

    He said: '˜I will never be scared of anything in my life again because that was truly nerve wracking.

    '˜I love to perform to audiences live because they can't say there is camera trickery involved but with BGT there are so many cameras that all angles are covered so I had to talk to production about what cameras they were using so the trick was not ruined.'

    He added: '˜It was a terrifying but gratifying experience.'

    Jamie says his new tour Making Magic is about involving the audiences and inspiring the next generation.

    He said: '˜My aim is to leave my craft in a better way and inspire that next generation. 

    '˜I think that is the aim of anyone with a talent, not only to share it and bring comfort to others with it but for someone to see it and think want to do that.'

    Jamie's tour will visit Fareham on Saturday October 20 and to get tickets visit