We didn’t know we were funny until we were nominated at Edinburgh

Pappy's are Tom Parry, Matthew Crosby and Ben Clark
Pappy's are Tom Parry, Matthew Crosby and Ben Clark
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Live sketch show act Pappy’s are now on the road with their new show All Business, following their critically acclaimed World Record Attempt international tour and a fifth successful year at the Edinburgh Festival.

The award-winning comedy team made up of Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry, have been described as ‘the funniest sketch troupe on the fringe’ (The Scotsman).

Despite this praise, Pappy’s are finding out that being the ‘best in their genre’ (Daily Mirror) is a serious business. In the face of a financial crisis that could spell the end of the trio’s fun, the application of profit strategies and business models could be the only way forward. But how will they cope if their show is turned into a well-oiled machine?

Will our plucky trio be able to maintain a state of silliness when all around are losing their sense of humour? 

Since receiving a nomination for the if.Comedy Award (formerly the Perrier) at the Edinburgh Festival, and winning a Chortle Award for best sketch act, Pappy’s have recorded their own shows for Channel 4 and BBC Radio 4, performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and become the first ever British act to play the San Francisco Sketch Festival.

We found out what makes them tick.

When did you first realise you were funny?

When we’re hanging out together as friends and making each other laugh. We would just find it so much fun to muck around and take the mickey out of each other. We started performing just because we enjoyed it so much. It was only when we got nominated for an award in Edinburgh 2007 that we realised it was something we could do all the time.

What would you be if you weren’t a comedian?

I think we’d probably be a butcher (Matthew) a baker (Tom) and a candlestick maker (Ben)

Matthew and Tom would probably do alright, although they’d probably have stiff competition from the relentless progress of the supermarket and its effects on small independent businesses, but I doubt Ben will get his business off the ground. What demand is their for candles nowadays? He should really have gone into bulbs.

Which three things make you laugh?

The three things that make us laugh are Tom’s baldness, Ben’s dyslexia and Matthew’s height.

What’s your favourite one-liner?

Our favourite one-liner is the single yellow line that they put along the side of the road sometimes. It stops people parking where they shouldn’t.

Who’s your hero?

Our heroes are the people who come and see us when we tour up and down the country, It is those brave few that give our actions any meaning whatsoever. If you fancy being one of our heroes then come along to the Ashcroft. We will genuinely give you a badge!

See Pappy’s in All Business at the Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham on Tuesday from 7.30pm. Tickets cost £12.50 from 01329 223100.