What to expect in the soaps this week

Here's our guide to soap opera storylines this week

Sunday, 12th March 2017, 5:22 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:47 am

Taking the Mick

EastEnders (BBC One)

It’s St Patrick’s Day this week, which means it’s time for yet another theme night in the Vic. But before he can stock up on Guinness and shamrocks, Mick needs to turn things around for the Carters.

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In fact, he’s so stressed that Jane decides he’s more in need of support than Ian, who is proving reluctant to follow the doctor’s advice.

Mick isn’t the only Carter under pressure as Tina has a hard time coping with Sylvie and is forced to take her to work. Kathy encourages her to get professional help for her ailing mother, but Tina decides she’ll check on Sylvie each hour instead.

Elsewhere, Stacey tries to help rebuild Bex and Martin’s relationship, but all her good work is undone when the Fowlers receive word that the teen can return to school - and she insists she’s not going back.

However, that isn’t enough to stop Stacey interfering in another fraught father-daughter relationship as she talks to Max about Lauren. The Brannings eventually sit down for a family dinner, but the atmosphere becomes strained when the conversation turns to Max’s mysterious job.

Meet the Parent

Coronation Street

It’s never a good sign when your boyfriend is going to be late to meet your mother for the first time because he’s in a police cell on an assault charge.

However, poor, naive Bethany decides to give Nathan a false alibi and take him home anyway, where Sarah does her best to pretend she’s happy about the relationship. But would the mum still be putting on a brave face if she knew that Nathan was planning whisk the teen away for the weekend?

Steve pleads with Leanne to put his name on Oli’s birth certificate, while even Robert thinks Michelle has gone too far when she starts trying to make Nick as bitter as she (understandably) is.

Anna gives Faye £100 for her birthday, little suspecting the teen will spend it on matching tattoos for her and Seb.

Chloe becomes the latest woman to fall for Peter’s apparently irresistible charms as she lies to get close to him, and Maria returns to find that Johnny wants to buy her silence - and Gail plans to set her up with David. Suddenly, prison doesn’t look so bad...

Girls Gone Wild

Emmerdale (ITV)

Laurel is concerned that Ashley isn’t eating properly, but other than that he seems pretty happy with Maggie in the care home - it’s his family that are falling apart back in the village.

Gabby deals with her upset by bunking off school with Liv, boozing, and inviting a boy called Josh to join her in the bedroom. How will Laurel react when she walks in on this teenage debauchery?

If Laurel is finding it hard to cope with a wayward teen, it’s no wonder Robert feels out of his depth when Liv is expelled from school. And when his future sister-in-law then makes a confession about Aaron’s drug use, it looks like Robert has given up on the siblings all together as he reaches for the bottle - and Rebecca.

Rhona is touched when Pierce says he wants Leo to be their best man - although Vanessa is definitely out as maid of honour.

Faith returns from Prague and takes it upon herself to save The Woolpack, although she probably shouldn’t expect much gratitude from Chas.

Jai struggles with his demons, and Zak suggests that he and Lisa raise little Kyle together, but is that an offer she can refuse?

Holly Would?

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Forget Brexit - the students of Hollyoaks are clearly in a pro-Europe mood as they prepare for the German night. Holly can’t enjoy the festivities until she’s deleted the video she and Nick made, but that doesn’t stop her getting passionate with him again in the office.

There’s another party this week, as Adam celebrates his engagement. Kim is annoyed that Esther is on the guest list and sinks to another new low as she tries to convince her girlfriend that the bash never took place. Prince is also trying to take advantage of poor Esther’s memory problems, but at least he has the grace to later feel guilty about it.

Meanwhile, Sienna tries to speak to Warren, but he gives her the cold shoulder - until she reveals she might be pregnant.

Ellie is struggling in the wake of Nathan’s death, although Freddie manages to put a smile on her face with a cabinet he’s made for her brother’s trophies. But when his girlfriend later lashes out again, Freddie starts to suspect that her erratic behaviour is down to more than just grief.

Neeta and Maxine get a tip off in their search for Darcy, and Scott returns with some heart-breaking news.

Drama on the Wards

Home and Away (Channel 5)

It seems there’s more locals at the hospital than at home this week, and little wonder in light of the recent drama.

Following the fire, residents who were trapped emerge from their ordeal. Eventually Olivia and Mason turn up unscathed, and with Marilyn missing, Alf and John head out into the bush to look for her. Eventually she is found and rushed to hospital, having suffered terrible burns.

Meanwhile, Tori is shocked by the arrival of a new surgeon - Riley Hawkins, a former boyfriend, and he is stunned when she reveals where she has been for the past seven years. However, it’s not all bad news as Billie gives birth to a baby girl, and VJ promises he will always be there for her.

At the Beach House, Irene is terrified when Mick shows up. He tries to apologise to her, but his pleas for forgiveness remain unanswered. Darcy is surprised to find Bianca and Heath at the same residence, and they reveal that she is pregnant again.

And Ash returns to Summer Bay with one thing on his mind.

The Green-Eyed Monster

Neighbours (Channel 5)

When Ellen sees Steph and Victoria together, she is green with jealousy. While Victoria is glad that she and Steph can be open about their relationship, it remains to be seen whether Steph feels the same way.

Meanwhile, Toadie finds himself drawn closer to Dee when he resolves to help Willow reach her ambitions, and he and Sonya decide to offer Willow a room at their house.

With her departure looming, Paige attempts to tell Jack the truth about her baby, but fails to find the right moment-until it is too late. She winds up in a wrecked car, where Mark finds her, and to make matters worse, the emergency services are delayed.

Before long, everyone knows who is the father of her baby, and while she undergoes surgery, Jack has a major decision to make.

Susan is impressed by new teacher Finn Kelly, and he settles in at Erinsborough High.

Later, Elly tries to get Susan on side by exposing Finn’s past, and Tim Collins asks Paul for help in his mayoral campaign. However, when he refuses, Tim resorts to blackmail, so Robinson plans his vengeance.