What will happen in the soaps this week?

Here's our guide to storylines you can expect in the soaps this week.

Sunday, 19th March 2017, 5:20 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:53 am

Teacher - Leave Them Kids Alone


No wonder Michelle lost her job as a teacher - not only can she not be trusted to keep her hands off the older students, it seems she’s not very good at looking after the younger kids either.

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This week, she’s reduced to pleading with 10-year-old Dennis to ease off on his blackmail demands, before heading out for what is supposed to be a romantic day with Preston. When that doesn’t go to plan, her teenage lover thinks they should have a night out instead, but that means leaving Dennis home alone...

Elsewhere, Lauren confides her romantic troubles in Whitney, who encourages her to fight for her relationship. But is that what Lauren wants to hear, or was she hoping to be told that she should just cut her losses and dump Steven?

Jay and Kathy insist on celebrating Ben’s 21st birthday, whether he wants to or not, while Abby seems to be planning to give him Johnny as a present.

Denise braces herself for a community meeting and what she thinks will be a stern talking-to at the Minute Mart HQ, and Mick organises a pub quiz with his loyal little helper Whitney.

Faith in the Future


Faith Dingle reveals she’s a psychic, which should be good news for the locals - they could use someone who can tip them off before the next disaster befalls the village.

However, when Faith plans to share her ‘gift’ in the pub, Emma starts to panic about which spirits will get in touch and heads to the church to pray for forgiveness. So, when Faith later starts channelling someone who sounds an awful lot like James, Emma isn’t sure if she overheard the confession or if the farmer is genuinely seeking justice from beyond the grave. Either way, it seems Emmerdale’s very own Mystic Meg may have just made a dangerous enemy among the living.

The church is busy this week as Harriet also discovers unlikely convert Cain in the pews - although sadly, he’s only there to hide a consignment of dodgy phones.

Carly struggles with her guilt after she fails to help a choking April, Aaron receives news about his appeal and Ashley returns to the village to celebrate Sandy’s birthday. Everything goes well until Ashley takes his old cassock back to the care home, where a member of staff assumes he’s a visiting vicar and lets him walk off on his own...

Pandora’s Box


Lily remains convinced that Diane was having an affair with Scott’s dad, but decides it’s probably best that Scott doesn’t find out.

Unfortunately, she entrusts the job of getting rid of Exhibit A, the incriminating jewellery box, to Prince, who decides that this piece of evidence has too much blackmail potential to be destroyed.

Which means that when Scott later invites his mum over to listen to him give a speech in praise of his wonderful Auntie Diane, it’s unclear if he’s being genuine or if it’s all a build up to a very public revelation...

Elsewhere, Leela’s stalker steps up the harassment campaign, and when Zack arrives to check on her, she starts to think he’s behind it. She shares her suspicions with DS Armstrong who does nothing to put her mind at rest.

The Nightingales plan for the re-opening of the Dog, but Ellie worries about having to face Nick again while Mac’s behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic.

And Amy is confused when her wedding flowers turn up, despite the fact she’d cancelled them. So, when Ryan proposes again, will she be tempted to say yes just to stop the blooms going to waste?

Maybe Baby

Home and Away (C5)

There’s a double dose of baby blues this week, and for very different reasons.

Heath and Bianca are in the family way, but she feels that having a child isn’t the right move and, against his wishes, organises a termination. However, when she can’t bring herself to go through with it, seems that their relationship may have a future after all and they return to the city to start afresh. Bless ‘em - we all love a happy ending, don’t we? Let’s hope this really does turn out to be one!

Meanwhile, after recovering from being tasered by Kat, Mick breaks his restraining order again so that he can confront Billie at the hospital. On leaving he takes a little something with him - baby Luc.

As the news spreads, Alf and Ash leap into action, determined to track the villain down in his stolen getaway car - they don’t give two hoots about him, but Luc may not survive...

A Capital Idea

Neighbours (C5)

London’s calling for Toadie - quite literally when he receives a phone message that makes him pack his bags and jet off to the capital.

It doesn’t take Einstein to work out who he’s going to see - he tracks down Dee and Willow and, after an emotional confrontation, has a big decision to make. Unfortunately, a fresh revelation from Dee leaves him more confused than ever before, although he does ask Willow to return home with him - can he really give her a better life in Erinsborough than the one she’s been used to?

Meanwhile, back in Australia, Sonya leans on her friends for support following her husband’s disappearing act - and she’ll need them when it appears that she’s going into labour early. But who will deliver the baby when Doctor Karl is packed off to England to find her errant other half?

Plus, Susan learns why Sindi has turned up again, and Paige considers Jack’s proposal.

Dreams Dashed?

Coronation Street (ITV)

When Corrie started, Ken was a young whippersnapper who was going to change the world. Instead, he’s been stuck in the same street, leaving his potential unfulfilled - something he’s keen that Daniel shouldn’t do.

So you can imagine his enraged response to the news that his son won’t be taking up a place at Oxford in order to stay in Weatherfield with Sinead. But what Ken doesn’t realise is that she’s pregnant. However, after imploring her not to hold Daniel back, she makes a big decision that will rock the earnest young man.

Meanwhile, Tracy overhears her dad telling Sinead how he wasted his life with Deirdre, which she understandably resents - and you can bet that she won’t let it lie; Ken should probably brace himself for some kind of revenge act.

Ken also sticks his oar into Peter and Toyah’s relationship after meeting Chloe, Anna bans Faye from seeing Seb and Steve is given access to Oli.