What will happen in the soaps this week

Here's our guide to the plot twists you can expect in the soaps this week.

Sunday, 13th November 2016, 6:54 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:01 pm

EastEnders (BBC1)

Lee lies to Whitney that the property they viewed last week has already gone, but Jack accidentally puts him back on the spot when he reveals that a flat is now available at Number 5 at a discounted rate. After Shirley gives him a pep talk for his birthday, Lee finds the courage to tell Jack that he can’t afford the deposit. However, breaking the news to Whitney proves more difficult, and as her excitement mounts, Lee resorts to desperate measures to find the cash. Elsewhere, Masood makes a decision to leave Walford in light of the latest news about Zainab, but Denise is determined to change his mind. Roxy feels pushed out by the Mitchells, but spots a chance to get back in Ronnie and Jack’s good graces when she offers to pick Amy and Ricky up from school. Meanwhile, Walford’s countdown to Christmas continues as Kathy and Geraldine bicker over the script for the festive show and the council announces it won’t be paying for the Square’s tree.

Emmerdale (ITV)

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Lawrence reassures Diane that she won’t be evicted, but that doesn’t stop relations between the Whites and the Sugdens becoming even more fraught this week. Robert swears to Aaron that there’s nothing going on between him and Rebecca, but Diane might think otherwise when she catches them in the backroom of the Woolpack, leaving the scheming pair worried about what exactly she’s overheard. Whatever it was, it does nothing to improve Diane’s mood as she heads to Home Farm to confront Chrissie again - and ends up threatening her at gunpoint. Chrissie breaks down and admits she’s afraid of Lachlan, unaware her son has heard (and recorded) everything, but what will the troubled teen do with this new information? Elsewhere, Kerry is out for revenge after being sacked from the factory, and Nicola jumps to conclusions when she catches Jimmy and Bernice in what appears to be a compromising position. Frank’s past comes back to haunt him, and Pierce is consumed by jealousy when someone starts sending Rhona flowers.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

The after effects of Halloween week are still being felt as Warren vows to find out who set the maze on fire, and Cindy is delighted when a very familiar face returns to join in the search for the Osbornes - although grieving Alfie is less inclined to help her. The hunt leads her to Kim, who has been receiving £500 a week from Jack, while Eva blackmails Liam to keep quiet about her own connection to the missing family. Elsewhere, Goldie goes out of her way to get herself arrested in the hopes of winning Myra’s sympathies - and a permanent home for her sons Prince and Hunter at chez McQueen - while John Paul persuades James to help free Diego. Cameron heads to the hospital with Leela for a scan, and ends up overhearing an incriminating conversation between Celine and Tegan. Marnie asks Tony to turn on the charm with her mother so she’s in a good mood when they ask her for a loan, a newcomer arrives at Joel’s church and Simone falls off the wagon.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Michael lands himself up to his neck in trouble this week after overhearing Phelan tell Vinny about his plans to fleece Eileen. Michael is determined to find a way to expose Phelan’s behaviour, but Anna refuses his request for help. Instead, he decides to go it alone, and warns his adversary who then takes his anger out on Eileen, who is understandably troubled by his actions. Later, Michael dices with death as he finally unearths the evidence he needs. Meanwhile, Adam Barlow returns to Weatherfield to see Ken, and when he, Peter and Tracy arrive at the hospital, they are surprised to find Ken’s son Daniel already there. Gary and Sarah admit they are falling in love with other, although their relationship could come to an abrupt halt when Sarah reveals the truth about the car crash. Maria is arrested on suspicion of murder, leaving Aidan beside himself with worry.

Home and Away (C5)

Justin asks Brody to help him win Phoebe back, but will she fall for his charm offensive? She soon has her attention taken by other matters, however, when Ash and Kat decide to rekindle their relationship. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Roo that she has Huntington’s disease, but insists that Duncan must not find out. However, she eventually reveals the truth. Hunter makes a momentous decision and asks Olivia to join him on a gap year, little realising how much hostility the plan will receive. Nate discovers that Billie has changed her baby’s conception date on the hospital’s computer system, and warns her that if she doesn’t come clean about her lies, he will take matters into his own hands. Brody is stunned when a famous food critic visits the restaurant, but the rest of the Morgan family worry that his review will expose their whereabouts. They also grow increasingly concerned about Decker’s health.

Neighbours (C5)

Many of Ramsay Street’s young residents have fallen foul of the demon drink over the years. The latest to do so is Angus, but at least he has Elly and Tyler to help him out of a sticky spot. Later, Elly receives a surprise text from her ex-boyfriend and agrees to meet up with him, a move that horrifies Angus so much, he asks Piper to help him scupper their date. Elsewhere, Brooke worries that Xanthe will not leave while she is still attached to Ben, while Lou sets about finding a date for the wedding, but his quest causes a frustrating setback to Lauren’s plans. Sonya’s efforts to get the surrogacy plan under way only cause further problems, and Toadie’s misgivings are made worse by Victoria’s views on the matter. Paul discovers the true identity of Maxine Cowper and decides to use it against Terese, and David loses his cool with Aaron.