What will happen in the soaps this week

Here's our guide to the latest plot twists soap fans can expect this week.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 6th November 2016, 6:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:01 pm

EastEnders (BBC1)

Libby struggles to take in the news about Denise’s pregnancy, and is concerned by some of her mum’s unhealthy habits. Kathy tries to reassure her, pointing out that she also had Ben later in life, but that just leaves Libby all the more determined to make sure Denise looks after herself, and she announces she’ll be staying in Walford. Belinda turns to Masood for help with her finances, but he gives her a choice - he can loan her the money and keep their relationship strictly professional, or can they make a go of their romance. Which option will Belinda go for, and will some big news regarding Zainab cause Masood to rethink the offer? Roxy is also feeling the pinch as she struggles to afford a birthday present for Amy, while Jay resorts to desperate measures after Billy refuses to give him an advance on his wages. Ben refuses to discuss the outcome of his assessment, Louise breaks down over her father’s illness and Kathy clashes with the organiser of Walford’s Christmas show.

Coronation Street (ITV)

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Maria’s nightmare continues when all her hairdressing clients cancel their appointments, but at least she can rely on Eva and Aidan for support. Eva advises her friend to come clean about her sham marriage, but that only makes matters worse when the police inform her that as Caz knew about Pablo, it gave Maria a motive for killing her. Later, Aidan thinks quickly when Maria finds some bloodied scissors in her bag, while Eva suggests that he should temporarily move in with Maria to keep her safe - little realising how the pair feel about each other. Kevin tells David he’ll never forgive him for causing Anna’s injuries before trying to convince her to let him take care of her. Bethany plans a romantic meal for her and Gary, a move that looks set to end in heartbreak. Michael decides to keep a close eye on Phelan, which could put his life in danger.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Rebecca lies to Lachlan that Robert knows there’s evidence relating to Lawrence’s shooting and advises him to hide it - and then follows her nephew so that he can lead her straight to the incriminating item. Chrissie is shocked when her sister later informs the locals at the Home Farm bonfire that Andy was framed, but it’s Diane who takes the news the hardest as she mounts a protest against the Whites. But when the former landlady lashes out at Lachlan, has she gone too far?Elsewhere, Ross and Adam come to blows over Victoria, who gets knocked over in the scuffle - and then stuns her husband by admitting she might be pregnant. Belle moves in with Zak, but has second thoughts after her dad makes a confession, and Aaron warns Finn against getting too close to Kasim. Bonfire night brings back frightening memories for Nicola, and Kerry sets out to win a deal for the factory.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Cindy finds an unnerving scene at the Osbornes’ - the house is deserted and there are spots of blood on the kitchen worktops. Eva clears the building so she can inspect the evidence, but when Liam later finds her wiping away the blood, he starts to fear she killed the Osbornes. Meanwhile, Cindy and Nick carry out their own investigation into the family’s disappearance, and are shocked to find their phones and personal possessions abandoned in a bin in The Dog’s car park. Maxine ends up in an embarrassing predicament after she tries on an engagement ring she finds among Adam’s possessions, and Myra is alarmed when her cousin Goldie invites herself to stay. There’s trouble for the Lovedays as Simone prepares for her drink-driving trial, Lisa and Zack uncover evidence suggesting their mother’s alcohol problem is worse than they thought and Joanne swears revenge on Louis. Marnie uncovers Jude’s scam, Courtney tells Cameron she’s going to get Lockie’s body released from the mortuary, and Grace finds out that Nico killed Trevor.

Home and Away (C5)

What is Ash up to? His behaviour looks so suspicious that Kat immediately arrests him, believing he’s mixed up in a dodgy deal with Simmo. He attempts to convince her he’s an innocent man, but in doing so, only makes matters worse. VJ horrifies Billie by revealing how frustrated and trapped he feels by their relationship, but lives to regret his harsh words when she and the baby’s lives are left hanging in the balance. As VJ wonders if he will get a chance to make amends, Nate takes blood tests from both him and the baby - and discovers something shocking in the process. Later, Billie tells Nate the truth about her offspring, and begs Nate not to breathe a word of it. Meanwhile, matters remain frosty between Matt and Evelyn, and Mason suspects she may be seeing Brody. Duncan decides to fight for custody of Bryce after Caroline is found unconscious.

Neighbours (C5)

An old friend returns to Ramsay Street - Lou arrives hot-foot from Brisbane with Kathy in tow, but it soon becomes clear that not all is well between them. Meanwhile, egg collection day dawns for Steph and Mark, but despite high hopes, they soon receive news that could end their dreams of starting a family. Later, Sonya makes them an amazing offer - she will donate an egg and carry the baby as a surrogate mother, a move that Mark is willing to consider, although Steph and Toadie aren’t sure it’s a great idea. Terese grows jealous of Gary’s closeness to his ex, while Xanthe tries to build bridges with Brooke. As Angus makes a music video inspired by the sexual tension in the air, Leo uncovers some valuable information. Elly worries about Angus’s new college friends, and Paige helps Jack find out who has defaced the outreach project with offensive graffiti.