What's coming up in the soaps

Here's our guide to what's going to happen in the soaps this week.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 15th January 2017, 5:56 am

EastEnders (BBC1)

The Mitchells do their best to celebrate Phil’s birthday, but it’s hard to create a party atmosphere when Roxy and Ronnie’s funeral is looming on the horizon.

Jack is also feeling the pressure as he tries to explain the deaths to Ricky and Amy, leaving Dot wondering if Matthew might be better off with his dad, Charlie. Glenda strongly objects to that idea, although we’re not sure why anyone should be taking her advice on parenting.

The preparations get even more fraught when Phil refuses to speak at the funeral, but will the Mitchell sisters still get the send-off they deserve?

Elsewhere, Lee continues in his mission to make Whitney every bit as miserable as he is when he crashes her girls’ night and then blames her for everything that has gone wrong in his life.

Flush from her success in serving alcohol before hours, Babe branches out into sabotaging the cafe, tensions rise among the Fox family, and Louise takes a shine to a boy in her drama club.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Is Phelan about to get his comeuppance? Let’s hope so - if only to save Eileen the horror of being married to vile and hideous individual who only cares about himself and his wallet.

He pushes Andy into burning the garage down, but he’s gone too far this time - Andy becomes the worm that turned when he fights back; he steals Kevin’s laptop which has incriminating evidence on it involving Phelan’s building scam, and plans to use it against his tormentor.

Steve and Michelle’s misery continues as she mistakenly believes he isn’t interested in the baby they lost so tragically, little realising how torn up with guilt he feels over what has happened.

Tim and Sally attempt to find new ways to spice up and ‘improve’ their marriage, and somebody should really keep an eye on Bethany, whose relationship with the increasingly creepy Nathan continues to develop.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Finn may have inherited more of his mother’s bunny boiler genes than we thought as he discovers Tracy paid Nathan to take him out - and decides to arrange another date with the escort anyway in the hope of making Kasim jealous. Sadly, the plan backfires, so Finn resorts to even more desperate measures and stands in the path of Kasim’s car.

Meanwhile, Aaron is having romantic problems of his own as he realises just how much time Robert and Rebecca have been spending together. So, when he spots Finn and Kasim having a row in the middle of the street, Aaron wades in to work off some of that pent-up aggression, with unfortunate consequences...

Elsewhere, Chas starts possibly the greatest Emmerdale rumour of all time when she jumps to the conclusion that Charity and Bob have slept together, while Paddy fears his own budding relationship has been cursed after he suffers a very painful mishap.

Rhona does her best to placate Pierce, Nicola learns the truth about the fire, and Laurel gets a new job.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Esther still can’t remember anything about the shooting, but Grace has a pretty good idea what happened - and she wants to make Eva pay.

She’s given even more reason to feel vengeful when the consultant reveals there’s a chance that Esther could be dealing with memory loss, mood swings and seizures for the rest of her life, but what will Grace do next?

Peri is delighted when Cameron returns, although it’s doubtful that anyone else will be pleased to see him - especially not Leela, who decides to keep a close eye on her ex and daughter. However, it’s Leela’s turn to be under surveillance when someone overhears an incriminating conversation between her and Louis about baby Daniel.

In Nightingale news, Lisa and Mac feel guilty about what they were getting up to while Nathan was attacked - and so they should - while Ellie is determined to be there for Marnie, even though she’s struggling to deal with her own problems.

Meanwhile, Nancy receives a devastating diagnosis, and Prince sees a chance to get closer to Lily.

Home and Away (C5)

Zac is the nicest guy in Summer Bay, so would he really cheat on Leah? Not on your nelly!

However, he has hidden the truth about his dealings with Sam from her, but decides to come clean to his wife at last - Zac reveals he’s finally following his dream of writing a book, and Sam is his editor.

Unfortunately, Sam would like them to have more than a professional relationship, which she’s about to make abundantly clear...

Simmo is taken into custody, but somehow manages to point the finger of suspicion at Ash, who makes the mistake of searching his enemy’s house for evidence. It certainly doesn’t look good for him when the police turn up!

Phoebe and Justin are beside themselves with worry after Hope takes an overdose, and Tori worries that her cover will be blown if she accepts an invite to speak at a conference.

Plus, Hunter blames Olivia for distracting him from his exams, but perhaps he should be more sympathetic - she thinks she may be pregnant.

Neighbours (C5)

Teenagers in love - they very rarely make sensible decisions.

So, true to form, Piper has gone on the run with Tyler after being banned from seeing him by her parents. Clearly she hasn’t realised that they’re only making a bad situation worse - Mark and Ned are now on their trail, determined to bring them back to Erinsborough to face the music.

Tyler, it seems, is ready to return because he’s concerned he may lose his job if he stays away too long - at least one of them is being sensible.

Steph feels left out in the cold, so warms herself up by getting cosy with a surprising new confidant - but will she come clean to Mark about it?

Paige becomes ill during a night on the town with David; she is pregnant, refuses to reveal who the father is - and faces an agonising wait to find out if her baby will survive.

Meanwhile, Toadie and Sonya get a blast from the past.