What's coming up in the soaps this week

Here's our glimpse at the storylines that will develop in the soaps this week.

Sunday, 20th November 2016, 6:08 am
Updated Monday, 21st November 2016, 1:23 pm

EastEnders (BBC1)

Phil discovers he can be considered for the liver transplant list as he’s now been sober for six months, but the Mitchells don’t have much reason to celebrate. Not only does the doctor warn that a suitable organ may not arrive in time, but Phil insists he doesn’t deserve a new liver and won’t be putting himself on the list anyway. Can this family change his mind?Whitney is concerned about Lee’s behaviour, and her suspicions only increase when he tells her he’s been at work all day, blissfully unaware that she knows he called in sick. Kathy has an idea to sort out the Beales’ money problems, and Kyle faces a dilemma when he’s offered a job abroad, which would mean leaving the Fowlers in the financial lurch. Patrick makes a doctor’s appointment for Dot, Jack takes a reluctant Ronnie to visit the house in Ongar, and auditions take place for the Walford Player’s production of A Christmas Carol.

Coronation Street (ITV)

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Phelan realises the net is closing in, so rings Vinny to warn him that they’re going to have to make a run for it. They agree to meet at the airport later, but when Phelan discovers their bank account has been emptied, he fears that Vinny has stabbed in the back, and wonders if the best thing to do would be to return to Weatherfield to face the music. Meanwhile, everyone he has scammed gathers in the Rovers to hear Todd explain what has happened to their money - they’re understandably left distraught by the news. Over at the Barlows’, Tracy grows suspicious of Daniel and decides to investigate his living arrangements, while Peter comes up with a plan to stop everyone putting fragile Ken’s health at risk with their constant bickering. Brian gets a new job and worries about Roy’s approach to his impending wedding to Cathy.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Emma self-medicates as a way of coping with her guilt, but is caught out when Ross accuses her of stealing prescription sheets. So, by the day of James’s inquest, Emma is a nervous wreck - and makes an emotional outburst on the stand... Elsewhere, Bailey encourages Belle to deal with her upset over Zak by writing about it in her diary - a move that could backfire when Joanie finds the journal. The troubled teen hopes disaster has been adverted when her stepmother appears normal at work the next day, but there’s more trouble brewing after Joanie is chosen to take ‘voluntary’ redundancy at the factory, and Zak announces they are moving away. Paddy is concerned by Pierce’s latest outburst, but does his best to smooth the situation over for Rhona’s sake - although he does warn his love rival to get help for his temper. April schemes to get Carly to move in with Marlon, and Frank takes a beating rather than give into blackmail demands, but will it be enough to get Bobby off his back?

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Marnie’s mother Tabby (played by former Dallas star Linda Gray) descends on the village, where she gets a warn welcome from James and a frostier one from Mac. But will she be taken in when Tony turns on the charm? Elsewhere, Nick gets closer to Holly, but Ellie is struggling to deal with what happened between them and ends up walking out of a romantic evening with Freddie. Meanwhile, Ryan’s date night with Amy also ends in disaster and he finds himself in the Loft with Freddie and Lisa. So when Lisa later reveals to Cleo that she’s slept with someone other than Nathan, just which man is she talking about? Liam tries to stop Grace from getting involved in the Osborne case, and Harry asks James to help Ste with his custody battle, but the dad is still hopeful that he can reach his own agreement with Amy. Sienna turns to Joel for support, Louis asks Simone to reconsider the divorce, and Prince and Hunter land in trouble on their first day at school.

Home and Away (C5)

Brody learns the shocking truth about his parents and comes to understand the visions he has been experiencing. Nevertheless, he, Tori and Mason are stunned by the revelation that Raffy could be their half-sister, but Tori thinks it would be best to keep the news from her until they are sure it’s true. Meanwhile, Decker leaves Summer Bay to find out who has been targeting the Morgan family, and Duncan is miserable about Caroline and Bryce’s move to Hawaii. He then stuns Alf by announcing he plans to follow them there - but will Caroline be keen on the idea? Ash and Kat’s secret relationship could become common knowledge when Sergeant McCarthy turns up at the garage while they’re together, and Billie turns down VJ’s marriage proposal. Evelyn and Matt worry that they have ruined their friendship by sharing a kiss.

Neighbours (C5)

Brooke is so desperate to persuade Xanthe to leave Erinsborough that she sets out to drive a wedge between her and Ben. However, breaking the bond between her daughter and Sheila is far more difficult, forcing Brooke to take drastic action. She also tells Gary a sob story about needing cash, so he hands her his prize money. Angus offers Elly a shoulder to cry on after she fails to win back Derek, but Susan worries that their friendship is going to end in tears. Steph tells a disappointed Mark that she no longer wants to go through with the surrogacy plan, and asks Sonya to take the necessary steps to end the first cycle. Despite Brad’s best efforts to derail the council meeting, Paige and Jack go head-to-head in a battle between Blaze Outreach and the Church. Later, Maxine threatens to expose Brad’s secret, and Lou’s mysterious date turns out to be Trixie.