Zippos at the Kings Theatre

Zippos Circus
Zippos Circus
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The magic of the circus has come to the Kings – and what magic it is.

A packed Kings Theatre is giddy with anticipation waiting for ‘Britain’s Best Circus’ to take to the stage.

Children with shiny wands wave them with vigour waiting for… what’s that? A broom under the curtain?

And it’s Tweedy, officially the theatre’s favourite clown, cheerfully keeping all entertained even before curtain up.

And he doesn’t stop there. Once the show is underway it is local lad Tweedy they go mad for – bashful, endearing and hilarious for all ages.

The audience cheered as if it were a panto. His banter with the shiny-shoed ringmaster is a delight.

His own mini-show runs between the scenes and it is a beautiful touch.

The circus itself is full to the brim with breathtaking talent – from the astonishing skill of jugglers supreme Burgorova Sisters (what a way to kick-off a show) to aerialist and former Olympic athlete Mickeal and trapeze artist Veronika.

The illusions of magician Guy Barrett are the perfect addition to a stunning line-up, while his many beautiful assistants were resplendent in their pink feathers in the grand finale.

The circus is in town this half-term, and it is most definitely the place to be, to be amazed, be enthralled and be charmed by Tweedy – the most wonderful clown around.