One in ten UK holidaymakers stopped at airports due to misplaced tech

More than one in ten UK holidaymakers have misplaced an electronic device in their luggage, resulting in them being stopped by airport security, according to a new report.

The survey, by online retailer, asked UK holidaymakers about their habits when it came to taking tech abroad.

It revealed that wait times at airports are being increased due to travelers not knowing the rules regarding packing of electronic items.

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With tighter security measures, and with more and more of us taking multiple devices on holiday abroad, Brits are consistently finding themselves at a standstill at airport security. According to the ONS, there were 70.8 million visits overseas by UK residents in 2016.

One of the situations most likely to get a tourist stopped is when a phone or tablet is buried in hand baggage, rather than being placed in the security tray.

And even if the item is ‘declared’, it must be able to be switched on to prove it is a working device.

77.2% of UK holidaymakers think it’s ok to bring a phone or tablet that has run out of battery in their hand luggage.

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However, if it cannot be turned on then it’s likely that the device will not be allowed on the flight.

The survey also found that more than a quarter (28.7%) of UK holidaymakers think it’s ok to take a TASER in their hand luggage onto a plane.

The study also found that more than a quarter - 27.8% - have forgotten to put a device on airplane mode during a flight

And 21.7% of 16-24 year olds have damaged an electronic device whilst abroad

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The 25-34 age group is most likely to incur a charge when using electronic devices abroad. 37.7% of those surveyed had suffered a charge, 15.7% of which came in at more than £50.

The information has been released in support of a new interactive guide for holidaymakers entitled Sun. Sea. Tech. Easy! At Simon Exton, Director of Consumer Electronics at,said:

“It appears many of us are still confused about the rules and regulations of taking tech with us on holiday. Nobody likes delays at the airport, and getting held up at security can be a nerve racking experience, especially if you’re unable to take belongings through with you.

“Our advice is to carefully check the airport and airline guidelines before packing your bags, and to play it safe when deciding what to take aboard with you. Remember, the vast majority of technology is permitted to travel within luggage in the hold.”

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