TV Choice: Five of the best shows this week

Make room on your recording device, here another bunch of shows to catch up on, from Saturday, February 3.
Back In Time For TeaBack In Time For Tea
Back In Time For Tea

Back In Time For Tea, BBC Two, Tuesday, 8pm

Meet the Ellis family. Over the course of one summer the they will travel back in time to discover how life has changed for ordinary working families in the north of England over the last 100 years. In episode one the First World War has just ended and the North is on the cusp of great transformation.

The X-Files, Channel 5, Monday, 9pm

The X-FilesThe X-Files
The X-Files

Mulder finds Scully unconscious on the floor of their FBI office, and she is rushed to the hospital. A neurosurgeon tells Mulder and SkinnerthatScully’s brain is‘on fire’—an impossible frenzy of neural activity. Skinner scans the results and deduces that Scully’s brain is pulsing morse code at them,

Next of Kin, ITV, Tuesday, 9pm

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Guy is forced into a difficult decision about his own loyalties, whilst Danny and Hamoud await instructions about the target of the planned attack. A shell-shocked Mona is reunited with her loved ones and attempts to put the pieces of her family back together again.

Winter Olympics: Countdown To The Games, BBC Two, Thursday, 7pm

Next Of KinNext Of Kin
Next Of Kin

Travelling to South Korea days before the Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony, Clare Balding takes in a flavour of the country. Plus Clare meets two of the main hopes for a chance of medal gloryin Elise Christie and Lizzy Yarnold. And relives glories with Torvill and Dean.

Gomorrah, Sky Atlantic & NOW TV, Wednesday, 9pm

In the second double-bill of episodes from the third season of the superb Italian crime drama, we finally catch up with ‘The Immortal’ Ciro Di Marzio. Having been crushed by the events of the last series Ciro has retired to Sofia, Bulgaria and has rebuilt his life.