Apple news sends tech firm charginginto the future

A TECHNOLOGY firm has a record order book following its global development in wireless charging for smartphones.

Monday, 23rd October 2017, 1:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:02 pm
CHARGING AHEAD: Pete Turner, the founder and managing director of QiConnect

QiConnect operates out of Portsmouth Technopole and was founded by managing director Pete Turner.

Currently under a qualification test, the firm’s latest transmitter technology means that multiple smartphones and tablets can be charged wirelessly and simultaneously.

This can be done through any non-metallic surface up to 50mm thick.

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The company is reaping the rewards of eight years of research and development after a statement was made by Tech giant Apple.

Apple announced that its new iPhone X and iPhone 8 will support QI wireless charging, something that QiConnect also deal in.

Pete said: ‘It has gone absolutely crazy here, with record orders following Apple’s announcement that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will support the Qi charger, which we run with.

The development in technology means that people will no longer need to frantically search for an electric plug socket when they find their phone battery is draining fast.

Pete, who lives in Cosham, said: ‘It was a ‘eureka!’ moment. We have always known there was a market out there for the wireless charger but we knew it would be dictated by what Apple would do, and when.

‘We are getting all sorts of businesses ordering our transmitters since Apple’s recent announcement.

‘Millions of us will now be able to power up our smartphones by placing them on a flat surface, whether that is in the kitchen, office or high street cafe.’

The business has been rolling out charging stations in shopping centres, airports, hospitals, universities, passenger transport, hotels, clubs and many more.