'˜Bomber? No, I was shouting 'mother'!' says man told to leave B&M store

A DISABLED man said he was left embarrassed after being thrown out of a B&M store after suffering an anxiety attack and shouting '˜mother'.

Saturday, 4th June 2016, 5:55 am
A man was thrown out of Portsmouth's B&M store for shouting 'mother'

Other customers heard the word ‘bomber’ and complained to the management, who kicked him out of the store.

Iain Banachowicz, from Leigh Park, was shopping for paint in the chain’s Farlington store at 10.30am on Wednesday, May 11 with his mother-in-law when he suffered a panic attack.

The 32-year-old, who has mental health problems and other disabilities, claims he shouted ‘mother’ in order to attract attention.

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He was swiftly ejected from the store by the manager, who said customers had complained after hearing him shouting the word ‘bomber’.

Mr Banachowicz, a dad-of-two, said: ‘I cannot control these moments and the store manager escorted me from the site in front of other staff and customers.

‘I felt belittled in front of everyone there.

‘I tried to explain about my problems, but he did not give me the chance.

‘I do feel that all services should be made aware of any situation regarding any disability and not to discriminate.’

Mr Banachowicz said he would like to see more training brought in at the store.

He added: ‘This is all very unfair. What would happen if it was someone with Tourette’s or a child with issues? Something needs to be done about this.’

Mr Banachowicz said he complained to B&M’s customer services department, but he did not hear anything within a week of him sending the e-mail – the company’s promised response time.

He said this had led him to share his story, so other people were aware – and in the hope it would prompt the chain into action.

When contacted by The News, staff at the store in Fitzherbert Road would not comment.

However a spokeswoman from B&M’s head office said the firm would be looking into the case.

She said: ‘A customer was politely asked to leave our store as he was shouting inappropriate comments and disturbing our other shoppers. He left without mentioning any anxiety or distress and was very co-operative.’