Defence firm removes '˜Isis' from its name

FOR thousands of years Isis was one thing and one thing only '“ the Egyptian god of love.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 11th May 2016, 6:46 am
Hugh Bonnevlle as Robert Grantham with Isis the dog in Downton Abbey
Hugh Bonnevlle as Robert Grantham with Isis the dog in Downton Abbey

But in recent years, with the rise of Islamic State the name has taken on an altogether darker tone.

And with that, those using the name have thought twice about keeping it.

There was Isis the dog in Downton Abbey that mysteriously, and quickly, died. A school and a hotel followed suit.

A couple of weeks ago The News reported that Southsea bar manager Callum Spragg found a tattoo in honour of a friend of his called Isis had been interpreted as having a darker meaning.

And now a Fareham firm has changed its name to avoid being associated with the terrorist organisation.

Engineering firm BMT Isis has announced it is changing its name to BMT Cadence.

Mike Prince, managing director of BMT Cadence said: ‘Given recent global events, we recognise the sensitivities around any organisation using the name Isis. We hope that the name change will serve as clear affirmation of BMT’s support to our clients operating within UK and global defence markets and the front-line forces that we collectively serve. Cadence was chosen for its strong resonances to the way BMT does business, as it means measured and rhythmic.

‘It also reinforces the considered and thoughtful manner in which the BMT teams communicate and engage.’

The firm, which has the Ministry of Defence among its customers, also has offices in Bath, Plymouth and Weymouth.

Mr Prince continues: ‘Our new name emphasises our ongoing commitment to match and support the operational pace and tempo of our clients.

‘Whatever our name, our focus on adding value will still be very much at the forefront of our business enabling BMT’s clients to succeed, safely and sustainably.’

According to Companies House there are 354 companies in the UK with Isis in their name but many have changed it.