Delight as Streetwise column gets Maurice his £5,000 back after Bitcoin con

Maurice Plummer, from Gosport. Picture: Ian HargreavesMaurice Plummer, from Gosport. Picture: Ian Hargreaves
Maurice Plummer, from Gosport. Picture: Ian Hargreaves
A HOLIDAYMAKER conned out of thousands of pounds in a ropy Bitcoin investment has become the latest success story of The News' Streetwise column.Â

Maurice Plummer from Gosport has been refunded £5,000 by Barclays Bank after he was coaxed into dealing in the crypto currency. 

He was persuaded to invest with an unregulated financial company based in Estonia, after watching a fake online YouTube endorsement by the BBC Dragon's Den team.

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The money was taken from his Barclays account while he was on holiday '“ and he only became aware of the transfer when the bank finally got in touch to warn him of a number of unusual transactions.

Streetwise highlighted his story after the column's success in obtaining a refund of £10,000 for Gosport pensioner Valerie Billing, who had invested her savings in a copycat scheme.

Following the publication of his plight, Barclays investigators assured Maurice they'd do their utmost to claw back the money by initiating a chargeback procedure.

Mr Plummer said: '˜I'm just so pleased and grateful that following the intervention with the bank by Streetwise and the dedication of bank staff, my money has finally been recovered.'

Maurice has thanked the column by forwarding a donation to the Gosport Multiple Sclerosis Society.