Innovative hoist for office

A MODULAR building was lifted into place, thanks to a solution from equipment manufacturer Modulift.

Modulift provided a frame – called a modular spreader system – to Portsmouth firm Rapid Response Solutions, so that the modular building could be delivered in a residential street in Emsworth.

The building, which was to be used as an office for an architect, was 10m by 4m by 3m and weighed 6 tonne. However its design meant it had a missing corner, making it difficult to hoist.

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Paul Barber, managing director at RRS, said: ‘The missing corner facilitated the attachment of the building to the house. We weren’t able to have any rigging supporting the narrower end, as once against the house we wouldn’t be able to remove the slings.

‘We had to use spreader beams to support the main building and internally brace the unsupported section.’