Licence reminder for area's hotels

HOTELS across the area are urged to make sure they have their TV licence in check after new rules came into force.

Budget hotels, B&Bs, luxury spa resorts or serviced apartments must be covered by a valid TV licence if guests or staff are watching television as its broadcast after new rules regarding viewers using BBC’s iPlayer came into force last September.

For many smaller hotels and guest houses, the cost of a TV licence is £145.50 a year, the same as for a private house.

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Hotels with more than 15 rooms are covered by one licence, but will need an additional licence for every five thereafter.

Ben Craig, a spokesperson TV licensing in the south east said: ‘The UK’s growing tourism business is becoming more competitive, with hoteliers vying to provide ever greater guest satisfaction.

He added: ‘Whether hotels are providing extras such as smart TVs or putting TVs in the bathroom, they all need to be correctly licensed.’

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