Mental ill-health in spotlight

EMPLOYMENT law specialists have been working with Portsmouth City Council's public health team to help businesses tackle mental ill-health in the workplace.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 5:55 am

DC Employment Solicitors gave a presentation at the ‘How to Keep a Healthy Workforce’ event hosted by the authority.

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Partner Laurence Dunn spoke about how embracing a comprehensive strategy can reduce the impact of mental ill-health. The initiative was launched in response to a lack of awareness among businesses about the prevalence and cost of mental ill-health in their workforce.

Mr Dunn was joined by psychotherapist Andrew Harpham-Salter and executive coach Naomi Rawlings.

He said: ‘We were delighted at the level of interest and lively debate at the event. This, and the positive feedback from the delegates, suggests that the information was very well received.’