New fares set for bus routes in Hampshire

Stagecoach has announced ticket price increases for customers travelling across Hampshire.

Thursday, 19th January 2017, 6:00 am

The transport operator has carried out a review of fares in the region.

New fares will come in from Sunday, January 22.

Managing director for Stagecoach South Edward Hodgson said: ‘We’ve done our best to protect our customers by keeping prices as low as possible and while some fares will increase, many will remain at current prices.

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‘Stagecoach has three times been independently found to have the best value bus fares in Britain and we have taken action to hold our prices for as long as possible despite the fact that bus industry costs have been rising at a higher rate than inflation over several years. Even with these latest changes, bus travel remains significantly cheaper than commuting by car.

‘Our bus services continue to offer a greener, smarter and better value way to travel.’

For more information on the new fares, visit