Occupational therapist from Southsea starts job to explain profession

WHEN Alice McGarvie explains to people what she does for a living, they never understand exactly what her job entails.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 5:56 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:45 am
Alice McGarvie

So the occupational therapist decided to start a blog to talk about the profession and how she helps others.

And in just one week, her posts reached more than 31,000 people around the world and Alice, from Southsea, said she was shocked by the response.

On her blog, Alice explains a lot of occupational therapists do not tell others what they do as they get confused.

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But she is hoping to change that by promoting her own occupational therapy service From The Harp.

Alice said: ‘As I started to describe my work, hardly anyone I told about it knew what it was so I decided to start a blog.

‘I’m overwhelmed by the positive response I have received from occupational therapists and other people.

‘It was only the second blog post I had written for my new business From The Harp.

‘The post seems to have really resonated with people who are occupational therapists and those that are not connected to the profession.’

On her blog, she added: ‘I’m proud of being an occupational therapist but I don’t always like explaining it.

‘It is a profession that a lot of people don’t understand.’

From The Harp gives interactive activity sessions using small harps, percussion and singing for groups and people in Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

It works with individuals in their homes and care homes, and groups in residential care, day centres, mental health centres and hospices.

Alice said: ‘I’m combining occupational therapy skills with harp therapy skills and engaging people in interactive harp playing sessions in and around Portsmouth.

‘I wanted my clients to be clear on what occupational therapy is and the added value I bring as a trained occupational therapist.’

The posts explain the role of occupational therapists using different examples and both professional and personal outlooks.

It has been endorsed by Dr Michael Iwama, occupational therapy professor and author, and Occupational Therapy New Zealand has requested to publish it in its Occupational Therapy Insight magazine.