Oil be celebrating this success, says tech firm director

A TECHNOLOGY company from Hampshire has won an order from a Middle East oil producer.

Wednesday, 21st June 2017, 6:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st June 2017, 7:36 am
Adrian Bowles, technical director at 3-Sci

3-Sci was awarded the contract in the United Arab Emirates – a country that produces around three million barrels of oil each day, for its wireless sensors.

The company aims to revolutionise the remote monitoring of pipe corrosion in explosive atmospheres, such as on oil rigs, petrochemical refineries and sewage treatment plants.

3-Sci say that the technology will help prevent environmental damage by the early detection of leak-vulnerable pipes, flagging up maintenance urgency.

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Technical director Adrian Bowles says that the implementation of these technologies has to be perfect.

He said: ‘Oil and gas industries and staff are notoriously conservative about the deployment of new technology unless their peers are using it already, which is always a bit of a problem for a company like 3-Sci, which is near-continuously bringing out new products.

‘3-Sci’s premium-end technology, underpinned by third-party certification for quality assurance purposes, has a wide range of money-saving benefits for the operators of oil rigs, petrochemical refineries and, also we perceive, other areas like water and sewage treatment plants and pipework.

‘These are exciting times for 3-Sci, having made the sometimes challenging journey from concept to sales.’

Innovation director Richard May said: ‘The system helps to prevent environmental damage – the autonomous sensor networks alert maintenance teams to pipes at risk of leaks due to excessive corrosion. For information on the sensors go to 3-sci.com.