Portsmouth mum launches inclusive beauty room to help people suffering with mental health problems

Alixandra Welbourn with her children and her nieceAlixandra Welbourn with her children and her niece
Alixandra Welbourn with her children and her niece
A MUM has opened a beauty room in Portsmouth that will be fully inclusive regardless of age, gender, size or race.

Shake Your Beauty has joined the team at Soul Sister Lash and Beauty Sanctuary in Commercial Road, Portsmouth with a new beauty room which will offer lots of new treatments.

Owner Alix Welbourne launched the business after suffering from anxiety and depression and wanting to help others who were suffering from similar things.

Her beauty room is open to all and is non-judgemental.

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She offers consultations prior to beauty appointments to make her clients feel comfortable and to ease the anxiety that visiting beauty salons can bring.

On offer at the salon is waxing, pedicures, facial treatments, eye treatments, massage and glitter make-up.

Alix offers a new needle-free dermal filler procedure, to allow people with a fear of needles to get the treatment without feeling anxious.

She is training in Sienna X spray tanning, which will launch soon. The tanning room will include a shower with complimentary shower gel, towels, makeup wipes and exfoliants to allow clients to prepare for a tanning session for better results.

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Alix, who has a five-year-old and three-year-old, previously worked full time as a customer service advisor as well as offering mobile beauty treatments in her spare time, before quitting to make Shake Your Beauty her main job.

She hopes that doing it will allow her to spend more time with her children. She said: ‘I just wanted to get out of that life where I would work nine-to-five, come home, say hi to my kids, have dinner then go off and do my mobile treatments.’

Shake Your Beauty has an introductory offer on no-needle filler, offering 0.5ml for £75 and 1ml for £125. ​​​​​​

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