Readers react to news that Venture Tower in Fratton has been sold for student accommodation

A FRATTON office block has been sold and is likely to become student flats – and readers are not happy.

Saturday, 27th November 2021, 3:21 pm

Venture Tower, just south of the Fratton Centre and Asda, has been bought for £1.5m by development firm Property Experts.

It already has planning permission for 97 student flats – but there is a possibility it will be demolished and replaced by a new 15-storey block.

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Fratton tower block snapped up in £1.5m deal to create more student accommodatio...

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Venture Tower in Fratton Picture: Property Experts

News that the student development has taken a step forward has not gone down well with readers on Facebook.

Lee Barnes said: ‘Sod the students what about the people who just want to live in Portsmouth?’

‘Student accommodation again!’ posted Lawrence Collemy. ‘All the other student towers aren't even at full capacity so that makes loads of sense doesn't it? Numbskulls.’

Jade Florence said: ‘How about affordable homes for families? Absolute joke.’

Venture Tower Picture: Property Experts

Chris Pearse posted: ‘Isn't there enough student buildings around? It's social housing that's needed. Too many homelessness and and not enough council properties not everyone can afford private rental. If more private landlords could rent through Portsmouth council that would help. Not enough houses, don't believe families with children should be housed in tTower blocks. Nice little house with garden would be far better for them.’

Anita Collyer added: ‘Really wow whose great idea was that? What about social housing? Wouldn’t that make more sense?’

Fiona Jayne posted: ‘No more student accommodation we need more housing for couples and families that students don’t have the option to rent and push the rental price up on!’

Adrian Davis wrote, possibly angrily tongue-in-cheek: ‘I personally am happy for more student accommodation they can have my flat and I will move out, they can have the shirt off my back. The city has become student city where communities used to live.’

And Sharon Roberts said: ‘We have enough student accommodation so why not provide homes for the homeless instead?’

Karen Styles agreed, writing: ‘Why not use it for families who need it more ? Or even the homeless ? Why students? It’s not like we have anything here for them just look at our town centre it’s a disgrace maybe put the locals first provide housing for them and maybe sort out our town centre so we can actually do some shopping.’

Natasha Blyth said: ‘We don’t need more student homes – what about more homes for families the people that actually need a home?’

Brian Matthews joined the chorus, posting: ‘How many more student flats do we want in Portsmouth? None. We need flats or houses to get thousands of the wait list that have been waiting for years.’

But John Smith posted: ‘Here come the usual moaners about more social housing. Yes it would be great, but nobody wants to invest in social housing. There is no profit in it! The council will have to determine any planning application in line with the national planning guidelines, and as a brownfield site, there will be little they can do to stop the development. They could probably insist on ground floor shops as it is in a shopping district but that will be all.’

And Heidi Erin Cerys Forde pointed out that building student blocks may free up other homes, saying: ‘The place is a run down dump! If it’s for students it frees up housing. Good for the local economy. I hope it gets knocked down and replaced.’

Katie Vince also made this point, posting: ‘More affordable student accommodation is a good thing, means that the landlords have some competition and maybe there will be more suitable homes made available for families instead of HMOs.’