REGIONAL: Are you '˜Pete'? Mystery wedding proposal left in British Heart Foundation shop window

A wedding proposal message has been left in the window of a charity shop.

The love heart note was found tacked in the British Heart Foundation window in Midhurst as part of an annual Valentine’s Day campaign.

Volunteer Zoe Nunn said she had no idea who the couple could be.

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‘It’s fairly simple, it just reads “Peter, please marry me, love you, Sam xx,”’ she said.

She said yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the shop since it opened in North Street.

The charity is asking people to write a personal message on a note in exchange for a donation to support heart research.

This year, the foundation hopes to break a world record attempt by stringing the messages together into the longest chain of paper hearts, currently set at 8525.

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Messages can be anything from a thank you or dedication in memory of someone to a message for a pet, but the mystery of the marriage proposal has yet to be solved.

Can you help us find the couple? Email our sister paper the Midhurst and Petworth Observer at [email protected] or share online.