Uber launches feedback service for its drivers

Uber is launching a feedback service for driversUber is launching a feedback service for drivers
Uber is launching a feedback service for drivers
A TAXI FIRM has announced its plan to set up an advisory group of drivers in every city.

Uber, which has been running in Portsmouth for two years, said it has been listening to its drivers and is making significant changes.

The changes include discounted illness and injury cover, in-app tipping and paid waiting times.

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The firm has also launched a formalised driver feedback programme dubbed ‘UberENGAGE.’

The programme allows its drivers to tell the team how its finding new services and ideas.

A panel of five drivers will visit each city once a week.

The dedicated members will meet other drivers who use the app to gather feedback.

The information will then be relayed back to senior Uber staff each month to discuss the findings.

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A response to the feedback will then be provided back to the drivers.

Tom Elvidge, Uber’s UK general manager, said: ‘Thanks to driver feedback we’ve already made a number of improvements.

‘We know we can do a better job of listening to drivers and acting on what they say. Our new driver advisory groups will formalise how we listen to drivers and also help generate ideas for further changes.’